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The cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the body's energy system?

If you read this statement, what comes up? What do you think, do you agree, disagree, why?


  1. An interesting idea to think about, but I can more easily go with the reverse…… any emotion disrupts the body’s energy system.

  2. well, i disagree. A negative emotion can come from an internal source or be triggered my an external source in the environment. For example, i can be angry because i am hungry, or i can be angry because someone disrespects me

  3. Well I think this is interesting and the first thing that comes to mind are the connotations of the words negative, emotion, energy. We all see these things as bad or unhelpful. Some negative emotions; sad, angry grief stricken and so on. We have and experience many negative things for a reason, these things are not bad nor to be avoided. These too have a purpose in life. So with that mind set to the question, I would have to agree.

  4. well yes in a way,cause every thing effects one energy,weather good or bad,and bad happenings can cause negativity in ones body.

  5. It sounds nice and simplistic, but I think there is a little more to it then that. I think the cause of negative emotion, may come from giving into vices, which are burdening behaviors that make you feel pinned to the ground. When you release yourself from the negativity, that you may happen to come across, then your body’s system starts to bend into the blissful regions of emotions.

  6. I think it’s the other way around. If you believe that we have a consciousness that is in control, then it isn’t much of a reach to think that negative emotions cause disruption in the body’s energy system.

  7. ‘Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously. The “ideas” or “cognitions” in question may include attitudes and beliefs, the awareness of one’s behavior, and facts. The theory of cognitive dissonance proposes that people have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance by changing their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, or by justifying or rationalizing their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.[1] Cognitive dissonance theory is one of the most influential and extensively studied theories in social psychology.’ and more

  8. It’s kinda what I consider fluff. Everything is energy. Negative emotion is no different. I wouldn’t say the statement was particularly profound, but I guess it could be a primer to get people thinking about reality.
    Negative emotion is a result of thinking. Individual feelings are waves in the collective ocean of all feelings. There is ultimately no distinction between our feelings and those of others, what we consider as our “self” is just a point through which this phenomena is expressed–the medium of humanity.

  9. It is a question worthy of meditation.
    The first thought which “comes up” for me is the use of the absolutes, “The” and “all.” As attractive as the idea of absolute answers is, they invite conclusions which end the questioning. I hold the question to be more important than the answer.
    On further meditation of this question, I find myself contemplating that, without judgmental adjectives such as “negative” or positive, “a disruption” isnae more than a changed variable. The insertion of a positive element remains an disruption.

  10. I really disagree. If there is any disruption which might cause a negative emotion, it would not come from the body’s energy “system” but rather a change int the Brains chemistry.

  11. The last couple of days with someone close to me. I try to explain that negativity is simply not a desired thing in my life, and that it only creates more negativity. Positivity nurtures and sustains beauty, and negativity sucks the very life out of a person.
    I agree with that statement
    I believe that negative emotions of any kind do disrput the energies flow, when the energies are disrupted, they create blockages, and those blockages can have huge ramifications over periods of time.
    Case in point, most people who develop cancer have stressful, negative lives.

  12. Yes. Positive emotions can be encourage. It has merit.
    Negative emotions should not be encourage. It has demerits.
    It is also true we waste our valuable energy unnecessarily in negative emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, pride, etc. These internal energies can be gainfully utilized if we are able to have control. I mean thought control and mental control.


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