The Book of Shadows!!!?

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I hand-made my first Book of Shadows last night and placed a simple protection spell and blood seal on it. But I need some things.
Materials and goddesses for a more complex protection or spell to ward off evil spirits with.
Materials/spell to repel negative auras
A spell to heal or take away someones negative energy…
anything else that may be helpful to protect or heal people..
I don’t conjure demons… And don’t give me any God, bible answer crap.
I don’t believe. So stop forcing it on me.

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Uhh? Yeah.


although this comes from a different tradition than yours, it is usefull in protection.
Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host –
by the Divine Power of God –
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

Mr E

let’s see. you conjure demons, then want protection from them. the only protection from them is God. better ask His forgiveness and get out of that stuff. you don’t know what you’re into.

Willow Moon

You also need to write the seasons and holy days that you celebrate, and blessings to, full moon nights and so on.


Do your own research – you can’t expect others to do it for you. The BOS is part of the journey.


It’s difficult to provide someone with something without knowing their “credendials” (for lack of a better word) first. I do not provide spells (protection or otherwise) to anyone, especially over the internet, because I don’t know what their skill level is. It’s also irresponsible to ask over the net for spells and such because those who will provide…you don’t know their skill level either, and if their spell is genuine, or ripped from some fluffy website.
The best thing to do is to study. Read some books by reputable authors, and learn how to create your own. For one, they’ll have more meaning to you, and two, they’ll contain more energies, and therefore be more powerful, and thus better protecting your personal items.
As for other things to place in your book, that goes with the journey on your path. What goes in your book is what YOU deem important. Things you find on your path that you believe to be important to your path. These things can only be found by YOU.
Just some advice.


Well consider what i have to say an opinion, i have been interested in these sort of things since i was a kid and always seeked answers to my own questions and experiences, so you could say i have some advice based on my own understanding, not considering myself any particular alignment or base to my knowledge, such as pagan, wicca, witch, druidic etc or whatever, i just gather and colect useful knowledge as i go to try find facts and truth of how things are and work the way they do.
The core to everything i find is intent, be it positive or negative as a base and then its function of intent and its result. If you lack either then what you are trying to do will not work or have unpredicatble results, likely negative.
Then you may seek additionals, such as specifications to what you want to do. Such specifications may be speking words verbally or not, seeking resource from alternative places other then yourself such as a spirit etc, items and materials which perhaps boost effect or make the effect possible and etc.
Though additionals are often not complete in their understanding by their user’s in whatever craft they do. Such as believing something is always positive, it may only be positive in effect if the user uses it in a positive intent. Some may have no effect at all except a psychalogical one were the user believ’s it has an effect, but in reality it only gives the user confidence and mental focus when using it, they could have used anything long as they had the false belief it had effects.
I sugest with anything u do start with a focus on using yourself as the resource of energy or whatever u percieve it to be, then you know u can trust the resource for the spell so to speak, trust or loyalities is not a question as with when u seek to use power’s from other sources then yourself.
Make sure you understand what you are trying to achieve, you want to protect yourself, then you must be clear in your mind what you are seeking protection from and how you would like to be protected. You wish to keep a evil spirit at bay, think of that evil as you know it and understand it when you define it as the thing u wish to keep away in a spell.
You wish a barrier around your home, make sure your define this, be it with thoughts, words or even imagine this barrier in your mind and how it stops the evil spirit. The greater mental resolve, understanding and belief in what u want to do will be a very strong base to how effective and strong the spell will be in result. Lack of either will result in its lowered effect, lowered chance of effect or increased unpredictabilities of effect.
When you begin to use other people’s spells, its important to understand someone else made that spell, may understand the words, process of doing the spell diferently from you. As a result the more apart your understanding is of the spell to its creator, the more likely you will have probelsm using it, but this mostly applies for more complex spells, using lots of specifications.
You can make strong spells so to speak with very little additionals and specifications long as you yourself have a strong resource to fuel the spell and you have a clear mind and understanding on what to achieve.
Using more complex spells specially with items of a physical nature give a very defined roll in many cases to their use in spells, though for me this is a assumed thought its hard to verify when the persons mind is the most important element in a spell and its effect, but no doubt items have use and can have very powerful effects, even if its just self belief.
One should always seek to understand any items used as much as possible, otherwise you have no excuse when something goes wrong, its like being given a stick of dynamite and not understanding its benfits and danger’s. You shouldnt simply try to use it it figure it out or take it apart etc, you should seek to understand it through passive means and from external sources, reliable sources, but also multiple sources, one source is a mistake. If a single source of information is incorect and gives you incorect information…well blame yourself when your spell has unpredictable results.
Last bit of advice, even if you try to understand another person’s spell, once you understand it you should seek to make it your own so it becomes fully compadible for you to use, changing words, changing even materials is fine, long as you understand what you are doing, what its means.
…….yep so there is my advice, i wont give specific spells or materials to use etc, because opinions vary across diferent beliefs and their are allot of contradictions along the way. I will leave that to the other’s and for you to decide the good from the bad :).


Your BoS Should take you years if not a lifetime to complete.
Spells are best when you make them yourself. – please note that Hematite and Obsidian are both good for repelling negativity of any kind.
Read Scott Cunningham’s various books on Candle, Crystal and Earth magic; he offers several suggestions for the things you wish to know about.
Intention, as another mentioned is probably The most important element, what you use besides is just ‘dressing’.
the color black is good for protection and banishing. The color green is good for healing.


Truthfully, the name of Jesus, belief in the name of Jesus, and calling out to Jesus does all the above, protection spells,cloaking and is super easy. Jesus came to give mankind back full powers of God, satan stole from us.
Then magic, which is intention, is used with faith to create things in your life and manifest good things. Then it is really easy to defeat dark energies. Spells get real easy with Jesus. Jesus said ALL POWER IN HEAVEN AND EARTH has been given to Me, then He says, here –take ALL THE POWER in my name, and do—- help—cast away evil—- Read the New Testament of the Bible. You want to see power !!!!! Blow you away! NOW for the real stuff !!!!
Become a child of God. A God, Goddess. An immortal being. That is power, for us, from God, thru Jesus. I tell you true. The things I can do, easily, without effort. More powerful than any witch, who worships a pagan god source.


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