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The Book of Shadows….why is it called that?

I’ve heard of this book, and I skimmed through it years and years ago, but I have never understood why it is titled “the book of shadows”. Just curious….not a practicing wiccan or anything


  1. I’ve read books by Dean Koontz and he refers to it all the time but I’ve never been able to find the book.
    Why it’s called that I don’t know,sorry I know I was of no help.

  2. So the story goes, Gardner called his first book of collected spells his Book of Shadows from the name of a Sanskrit book of divination, where the divination was done by the length of one’s shadow.
    A “Book of Shadow” is a collection of one’s magics, measured in our successes or failures. We work many spells and some work for us, others don’t. We are supposed to be keeping a record so we can repeat our successes and analyze our failures.
    We also have the “Book of Mirrors” which is a collection of our rituals that we write and perform for our personal use. Again, we analyze our workings, looking into our ritual as a personal mirror of growth and spirituality.
    Good question.

  3. The Book of Shadows is one of the tools used for a ritual, done by a Witch. My Book of Shadows contains information about Witchcraft, Wicca, cross studies of different religions, rituals, spells, potions, chants, Witchcraft laws, dogmas and ethics, charges, herbal and healing lore, incarnations, divinatory methods, and miscellaneous topics.
    It’s called the Book of Shadows because in the old days they had to be kept secret, in the shadows, or the owners would be killed for practising Witchcraft.

  4. well on a show i watch The Book of shadows was made by the three witch sister there was Pipper, Phro and Phoebie but Phro died to save ther sister. Pipper and Phoebie found another sister Page. they r called the Charmed ones.
    the show is called Charmed
    it is on
    9:00 or 9:30 channeal nine Tuesday.

  5. Along with the perfectly valid “kept in hiding” explanation, there’s also the issue that magick is not of the concrete, empirical world. Magick exists betwixt and between, in energies that must be believed to be manipulated, in abstractions and symbols. One symbol for that kind of “reality” is “shadows.” Hence a book of shadows.
    I’ve also heard the term Book of Moons.

  6. there is no one book of shadows everyone who is serious about magik should write and have there own possibly the name comes from the fact that it is a grey area between the realms

  7. A book of shadows is a witch’s personal spell book/ magical diary, some times it is called grimore. But what ever it’s called by there is no one book simply called “The Book of Shadows”, any reference by christians to the book of shadows or a grimore is nothing more than religious propaganda to invoke fear into the followers of the faith so that they aren’t lead astray by curiousity.
    Now somebody my have written a book entitled the book of shadows of that I don’t.

  8. Any Book of Shadow’s is a witch’s personal collection of spells and experiences. There isn’t 1 Book of Shadows. There are however a few main stream wiccan books with this in their title. Buy one, it will explain a lot to you.


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