The Book of Shadows or any other spell book!?

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Where can I find this or any other spell book? And please don’t say anything bad. I need a spell book with both spells and rituals, but that it is more for for beginners.
PLEASE JUST GIVE ME THE LINK (Amazon, borders, ect)
Thanks peoplez 😀
Okay, I know the Book of Shadows is more personal, but I really need spell books. (Beginners- Teens, that kind of stuff)
YES i have practiced spells before, but I use basic spells, and practice with my friends ( my willing ones >> ) so I do have experience with magic and spells.

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Teen Witch is a great starter book.
Just the basics.

Convert Ruth

answer: A Book of Shadows is YOUR personal journal of your paganism. Rituals, herbs, divination, research on the deities, spells, etc. YOU make your own BofS, young one.
Leave off spells until you’ve had some learning. You’ll find the best spells are the ones you write or adapt for yourself.
1)Ignore the fundies saying you’ll go to hell and are opening yourself up to demons. They don’t believe in either.
2)Get the book: Wicca, a Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham ( used books is a great resource)
3)Avoid Silver Ravenwolf, DJ Conway and most Llewellyn books
4)Do NOT pay for lessons over the internet. You can’t ask for references. Do NOT give out personal information to anyone over the internet. Get a PO Box.
6)Learn and keep learning about various paths in paganism.
7) get the book: “Drawing Down the Moon” by Margo Adler (an older book that’s a little dated, especially concerning Asatru but a good resource) – it gives an overview on a lot of pagan traditions.


In response to the poster above me… anything by Silver Ravenwolf sucks. I can’t emphasize that strongly enough. She’s the Wiccan equivalent of a televangelist.
Try books by Thea Sabin or Scott Cunningham instead. The book review section on the following site will help you pick good resources:
(And the Book of Shadows is a Wiccan’s personal journal of their spiritual progress, NOT a universal book o’spells for all of Wicca. Most so-called “Books of Shadows” for sale are media tie-ins, not genuine Wiccan resources.)

Slightly Amused 3rd Account

ebay although i just made a simple one out of a binder and blessed it till i was able to get my own
binder is however only good at first i advise when you do get one you get one that will last for many generations
in the end i received my book as a gift from a supportive friend


Research first would benefit more than just jumping into spell casting and ritual practice. But I have found that, at least in my research,, is a decent way to learn of beginner spells if you sign up for their “Daily Magic” service. Send you one spell a day and let you practice it. No dark magic, just little spells and rituals to help you get into the groove of casting and rituals without risk of any real problems. Good luck.


Its your personal journal, not anything preset.
Practice and study for a year and a day before committing, though.


Books on spells are just an outline. A book of shadows is actually a diary of your journey as you learn about magic, spells, and what ever pagan religion you choose. You are better off learning about the path you choose and start writing your own BoS and spell books. Over my 40 years+ as a Wiccan, I have many of those BoS which cover my path, faith, celebrations, some spells, recipes as well as notes of what happened in my studies. This you must do, not rely on the writings of others.


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