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The Bible describes quantum mechanics?

“1In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
2And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
3And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”
In the first sentence, God created time (the beggining), space (the heavens, and the earth (matter).
Then Genesis 1:2 which has ALWAYS stumped me…it says “and the earth was without form and void”. What does THAT mean? Without form…but it was created so how is it without form and void? I’ve been looking into quantum mechanics and it says that there seems to be some sort of particles that are pure light energy. In fact, that seems to be the most basic building block of everything. If you go past that, it literally breaks down into nothingness.
And it’s funny, the next verse says “Let there be light”, and God created light. The light that binds everything together as in quantum mechanics?? Because the sun and moon weren’t made until Gen 1:15-16.
Any ideas?
lol I trust scripture 100% to all the other believers out there. I take the Bible as the literal Word of God. Period.
But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying to decipher it. It was written in this way for a reason imo. It is written “let there be light” but the sun and the moon were created later.
So I was just wondering if anyone had anymore knowledge of this than me.


  1. My idea is that you’re thinking too hard. I doubt that any man will be allowed to know the complete wisdom and understanding of God. Such things that are revealed , are for us, such things that are not revealed are not for us

  2. Why are you trying to make sense of ancient mythology written by people who thought the earth was flat? It is so vague and nondescript, you can interpret it to mean virtually anything.

  3. Father, we thank You for the picture that You have given us, even in the beginning, first chapter, of how You bring light to the darkness. And then it’s a cycle of the evening and the morning, light and dark, light and dark, light and dark, and even that is like our lives, the light shone in our hearts, the light of the glory of the gospel of Christ shining. The darkness was dispelled when we were saved, but still our lives are cycles of dark and light and we find ourselves struggling with sin while loving holiness, embracing the light. And yet the darkness clings. But as the days of our lives progress, the new creation flourishes, becomes more beautiful and more beautiful. And one day we enter into final and eternal rest. A vivid picture of the redemption that is the reason for the creation. May we trust Your Scripture in every word beginning to end because this is right and this gives You glory.
    We thank You that You have opened our eyes through Christ, the work of the Spirit, to understand these truths. We desire to honor You and to worship You as our Creator and in all aspects of our lives as our Redeemer. Redeem us continually from every remaining vestige of our sin and some day take us into that eternal rest which we have tasted now but will fully enjoy in Your presence. Thank You for Your gift to us, for all the elements of that gift which will be ours forever. In the name of Christ and everyone said…Amen.

  4. without form.
    WEll do you remember the Tetonic plates, before those cooled down and before we had and atmosphere, the Solar Magnetic storms hit earth constanly, without any protection, the earth at that point would have been Magma, basically formless. As the earth settled then a cooling period followed.
    But you must also realize that Genesis was written for ancient people that had no idea about space, so Let there be light was meant as in a human perspective. Because 1:3 says light was already in existance, but in :15 it says Luminaries or Stars were now visable.
    In a way it is Quantam Mechanics, but Genesis was meant to be a timeline, or Cliff notes on the Formation of the Universe.

  5. It doesn’t say he created the beginning. “Without form and void” does not refer to quantum mechanics. According to quantum mechanics, particles are not “pure light energy”, nor is it the most basic building block of everything.

  6. You either know nothing whatsoever about quantum mechanics (which would be my guess) or you’re trying to be funny.
    Could you people be any stupider?


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