The Beatles were friends with a devil worshipper?

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I heard somewhere that they were friends with a man named Aleister Crowley, and that he worshipped the devil and killed children. Was that true that they were friends with him? Because I know he was on the cover of The Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

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lol hardly….he died before they formed. and no he didn’t sacrifice children


A lot of people are on the cover of that album. They were chosen not because they were “friends” but because they were well known.
Don’t believe everything you hear and when it comes to supposed “devil worshippers” and the Beatles, don’t believe just about anything you hear as most of it is not true.

Drop Dead Fred

Aleister Crowley died in 1947, so I think the chances of him being friends with a group of people who would have been toddlers at the time would be highly unlikely.
Also, Crowley was pretty much just a nut-job with money, although there is no evidence he killed anyone.


They werent friends
They were inspired by him
And Yes, Crowley was a satan worshipper
The Beatles themselves are satan worshippers


was this the same person who told you that if you play the end of strawberry fields forever backwards that you hear john saying”i buried paul.”or some other stupid nonsense like that.all that stuff you hear about the beatles being satanists or that they wrote the white album as a message for charles manson or any garbage like that:don’t believe it.the people who believe that stuff have either taken too many drugs,are mentally ill,are trying to discredit the beatles,or are just plain ignorant.


Shut up.

Sṃυɾƒïṉ ♥s Ĵøhn ฬinstøn Lєภภ๏ภ♫

You know they almost put Hitler on the album cover, and I know they weren’t friends with Hitler.


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