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The baby in my womb is being a little jerk. How can I get it to calm down?

In a show of complete disrespect, it keeps kicking me and moving very quickly. This is really messing with my aura. I mean, what’s its problem? I didn’t DO anything to it. I’ve never dealt with someone this unnerving.
Could it be an evil baby?


  1. I seriously hope this is a joke. No, there’s nothing you can do. Welcome to pregnancy. If you’re this self centered, please consider adoption.

  2. Nope, not an evil baby…just an active one. Relax, watch a movie, rub your belly…play some calm music on it…and pull that log out of your a$$ and take some parenting classes 🙂 Ya cant have that attitude if you want to raise a child. Ha,…good luck

  3. Like most others I do hope this is a joke.
    The baby could not mean you any harm. It doesn’t even realize it is causing you any grief. It isn’t kicking you with intent to cause injury like an adult would. It is merely “kicking”. All babies to this. Be happy you have a healthy active baby in there.

  4. Hey congrads on the baby I just had one about 3 months ago and he was so active but here’s how i got him to calm down i played some music for him slow and soft music and put the headphones on my tummy i also laid in a cool place and rubbed my tummy or you could feel your tub with warm water and climb in and relax for alittle while. it helped me so i hope you can relax as well again congrads. it’s hard at first but think of the outcome it will be when you hold your little man for the first time

  5. you honestly think the baby is moving around so much because it disrespects you??? oh come on, its a baby, thats not even born yet!!
    Wouldn’t you want to move around to if you had to be stuck in such a small place for 9 months??
    Be calm. I hope you have more patience with the child once its born

  6. You have GOT to be kidding!?! Please tell me you are giving this poor poor child up for adoption because I must say that you are officially the worst person I have ever heard! There is a little miracle in your tummy! And he/she doesnt have much room to move so it is stretching hense the kicking! Your AURA as you called it seems to be messed up anyways! Do your child a favor… give it up for adoption and go to hell! Dumb b*%&*

  7. If you think that’s bad, wait till it’s born. And the babies pulling your hair and spitting up on you.
    Baby’s can sense tension in a person. If you are mad or upset, your baby will get worked up.
    If you calm down, your baby will calm down.

  8. Seriously? Wow…. your baby does not know it’s causing you any grief and it certainly isn’t trying to disrespect you. You should be excited about feeling your baby’s movements. That simply means you have an active and healthy baby! I really hope this is some kind of joke…. If not, then seek help. There are thousands of women that would LOVE to be in your situation, “disrespectful” baby and all.

  9. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and thank God your baby is healthy! That baby didn’t ask to be in your womb. Babies are suposed to kick etc. So put up with it and quit complaining! Messing up your aura indeed! You are a lousey Mother if that is all you worry about!

  10. I really hope you are joking or I feel sorry for your baby getting you as a parent… you sound a bit insane… There is nothing I love more than feel my baby move and I would never refer to him as an “it” either…

  11. you could try calming down yourself. rub your belly have sex with your partner do thing that will calm your baby by soothing it. Also I doubt that your baby is evil. And another a baby only strengthens your aura. So calm down think cool and serene thoughts and realize that those kicks that you are feeling are the baby’s way of saying hi, mommy I’m right here and it’s also their way of playing and interacting with you- so chill out!

  12. i hope this is your last child are you serious you shouldnt call your baby a jerk its active and thats a good thing there is no problem with your baby theres a problem with you just wait till it comes it will be even more unnerving you need help i dont think you will be able to handel it and its not evil you are.you need totalk to your doctor

  13. Well, first of all ,”it” is a baby not an it. You did do something, you created this baby and when he/she moves is a good thing. Maybe instead of worrying about your aura you should be more concerned about finding another person to adopt your child.

  14. You are the same person that asked if you can have your baby alone!!! What is wrong with you!! Why did you get pregnant…Please do all of us a favor and put the baby up for adoption!! He doesn’t need a mother like you, if anything..u are the evil mother…
    One thing I can tell you is….What goes around comes around, you will pay for what your doing.

  15. lol if i tell u you what i’m going true you’ll be quiet and try to relax.
    i’m 6 month pregnant and my baby quick 24/7 guess what i talk to him, sing for him and be happy about those quicking cause that’s how we communicate.chill out don’t make your baby hate you they know everything but just can’t talk

  16. I am 25 weeks pregnant and my baby boy is quite active, I love the movement in me… I love to play back with it, you should loe the movements it is a cool way to bond with the baby.

  17. The baby is healthy and active which means that its neural and muscle system are in working state . And for you are having mood swings . its normal and the baby is a angel not a devil


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