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The Art of Living and Dying : Osho Nisarga Himalayas

A transformational process of exploring the spiritual dimensions of living and dying. An annual gathering of seekers from all over the world in the splendor of the himalayan foothills of India, facilitated by the Institute for Living and Dying.

Next workshop: November 2013, at Osho Nisarga near Dharamsala.http://www.oshonisarga.com

Visit also http://www.bardo-meditation.com

“Almost all human beings are consciously or unconsciously afraid of the inescapable process of dying, the loss of everything we believe to be and to know. A life overshadowed by fear can never be fulfilled or peaceful, it will remain an endeavour to create false security or the illusion of immortality. Only a deep understanding of the mystery and the grace of death and dying can dissolve these fears, and will bring a new quality into your life.

And then the moment of death can be a fearless, conscious transition into another dimension, a return into our true nature, which we believed we had lost while alive. The lost awareness of our real nature is the cause for psychological and spiritual suffering of human beings.
Only a fearless being can be really loving, present, authentic and creative. The conscious encounter with our mortality gives us the courage and clarity for a conscious decision to live our life NOW as intensely, lovingly and fulfilling as possible. The pattern of postponing qualitatively essential things is destructive to a life that is meant to be an expression of aliveness, joy and compassion. Most people only recognize in their process of dying their overwhelming pain about having wasted their life with unessential things and values. In such pain and existential anguish death is a vain struggle and makes us miss what is called ” the crescendo of life” : the conscious re-entry into the state of oneness, the ground of being. It is everyone┬┤s potential to recognize who they are: pure consciousness, not identified with the mind, the mental ego and the body. This is the state of freedom and unconditional love, the ground of being. If we miss it, we have missed everything. This insight we can learn from the dying: Do not waste your life with insignificant things, unfulfilling relations and running after desires. Find that essence inside you which is already whole and healthy. I call it the ground of being… osho”

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