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The 12 Zodiac Stages of Life?

1: ARIES (Spirit/Pre-Birth)
The form in which you were created by God. The pure essence of You. You are the only soul with your particular “brand” of personality. You’ve just came into being, so you’re not yet ready to cross over into physical form.
2: TAURUS (Birth)
You are born into physical form by physical parents. You now use your physical senses to take in the world around you.
3: GEMINI (Infant)
You’re still a baby and learning sounds, shapes, colors, animals & even words. You don’t quite know who you are yet. You’re still learning the basics of life, like right & wrong.
4: CANCER (Toddler)
You are strongly attached to your parent(s) or guardian(s). Because, you realize that they’re the provider(s) of your basic worldly needs. You know things like names by now & you’re more physically able.
5: LEO (Childhood)
You’re extremely energetic & imaginative. You do whatever you want, but you’re so cute that you’re not expected to clean up your messes. You’re very self-expressive & creative. This is generally quite a happy time for you. This is also when you probably begin school.
6: VIRGO (Pre-Teen/Teenager)
You’re in the puberty stage. You probably have to clean up your messes now. The focus now is on physical hygiene. You’re likely in school, and you might start learning about relationships.
7: LIBRA (Teenager/Adult)
This is the time when you’ll graduate school. You’ll most likely start college, start a relationship or get a job. Now the focus is on relationships. You appreciate your own beauty, as well as the beauty of others. You’re finally at the age when you have the power to be on your own, and have freedom from the care of your parents.
8: SCORPIO (Adulthood)
If you’ve started a relationship, this is the most likely time when you’ll get married and/or have children. You have a strong sense of security. You are now focused on the assets of others. You have the power to handle other people’s belongings. This is the most likely time for your grandparent(s) to die and leave you with an inheritance. Your parents are aging. You’re quite ambitious or passionate now. This is likely the most sexual period in your life. It’s quite an intense time!
9: SAGITTARIUS (Middle Age)
This is likely to be the last point in your life when you’re very physically active. You’re quite philosophical. You’re probably still working at a job, but close to retiring. You might be having a “mid-life” crisis. Your parent(s) are likely to die during this time, or if you’re lucky, not until the next life stage. You want to take lots of vacations with your family or spouse while you’ve still got a sense of adventure. The focus is on traveling.
10: CAPRICORN (Old Age/Death)
Now you retire from your job. You’re too physically lethargic to work anymore. You’re mainly thinking about retiring at home and earning your annual 401k. You won’t tolerate being cheated financially, because the main focus is on receiving the money you deserve for your life’s work. Your spouse may die during this time, or if you’re lucky, not until the next life stage. You’re quite senile now. You’re likely to write your last will & testament.This is the final stage of your physical life.
11: AQUARIUS (Death/The Ever After)
Now your mind has been liberated from worldly things. You feel detached from “all that”. As crazy as it may seem, in your final days you’re not thinking about the past but dreaming about the future. You’ve likely been thinking about what your spouse or children will have left from you, and also about your future in the spiritual realm. You want to shower joy, hope & pearls of wisdom over family & friends. Now in your final moments, you want to give them spiritual guidance. You’re ready to cross over into the hereafter.
12: PISCES (The Ever After/Re-Birth)
You have crossed over into the spiritual realm. You realize that you are One in a “sea” of infinite souls, and there are endless universal possibilities. God is the Alpha & Omega, the Creator of Everything. Now that You are One with God, you have the power to control your spiritual journey or assist the journeys of other souls. This is also where you realize the importance of the physical journey. The cycle is complete and you can begin it all over again, starting with Re-Birth.
I wrote this, so yeah…What do U think of it? 🙂


  1. Interesting.
    Nice observations and you’ve put it together well.
    Nicely done.
    Middle Age
    ^Haha, Sagittarius.

  2. Its fine I didn’t identify with any of it I neither with my Sun or Rising sign. But I understand where you’re coming from.

  3. Whoa, you wrote this? Good job! I actually thought I was reading info from an astrological website. Very impressive =)
    And yes I do dream of the afterlife. I’ve studied astral projection for years just to get a taste of what it would be like to be free from my physical body!

  4. nice, i really liked how you used the personality of all the signs to a life stage i can see clearly the why….. nice nice….


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