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(Ten Points: Best Answer!) Atheists, what is the most "Spiritual" thing you do?

Sometimes in an elevator, I close my eyes
and feel the movement of the elevator and the
shifting weight of gravity as I am pulled upwards,
and the counterbalance when I arrive.
Sometimes, I sit quietly with my coffee, or a hot bowl of soup
and feel the heat from the Cup or bowl spread out from my hands,
and make it’s way up to my wrists, and try and
decode the smells that reach me.
What as an atheist would be the most “spiritual” thing you do?
Even if you don’t consider it Spiritual, which I don’t, I just love
gravity and energy. what are the most interesting things you
experience and reflect on?


  1. Imagine, that I live in a big house in a lovely village with many trees.. Very green.
    When I think of it (Or dream) I just “float” from happiness, until I wake up into reality 🙁

  2. I meditate and try to appreciate Mother Nature. At the beach, I find a secluded spot and sit down cross legged in the shallow water and listen to and feel and marvel at the amazing things my body does — I listen to my breath and my heartbeats and feel the waves. It feels amazing to be in touch with myself and the Earth. It’s really a miracle that we’re here.
    (Miracle — only for a lack of a better word)

  3. im not an atheist but if i wuz id say that the most spiritual thing i do is hate on god. bc atheists r evil and got hate 4 god.

  4. My wife and I walk on the Beach, every chance we get. We live four blocks from the ocean. We love to go down to the harbor and smell the salt air, listen to the birds, and watch the seals. Nature is the closest thing to a “spiritual” experience for us.

  5. The most “spiritual” thing in my life is decoding phonology problems. I just love doing that! Language is such a fascinating, amazing, beautiful thing.
    I also used to write short stories, and that was pretty close to a “spiritual” experience.

  6. I lay outside at night, look up at the stars, and just let my vision expand until it feels like I am in space and one with everything. I realize how small I am but how large the thing is that I am a part of. In that moment I AM everything.

  7. I seem to have control of the wind at bonfires… I sometimes focus on my knowledge of chemistry and imagine the world on a smaller scale, and recognize how small yet huge we really are. I sometimes get that feeling that life doesn’t really exist, contrary to the “I think therefore I am” theory. I used to go in graveyards after midnight and try to analyze the people in their knowing only their birth year, name and death year.

  8. Meditation to control my breath and my stream of thoughts i guess. Though i wouldn’t really consider it spiritual.

  9. Sometimes, when I’m doing something mundane (like drying the shower glass and tile with a towel after I’ve taken shower), I can’t help but feel happy to be alive, to be so lucky that the only thing I’ve got to worry about at the moment is drying the glass and tile.

  10. Every morning I get my butt out of bed, start my coffee, and open up my window blinds. I watch the sun come up over the mountains while enjoying my morning coffee and just “breathing in” the start of the new day. When the snow melts I’ll take my coffee outside.

  11. Read, anything and everything I get my hands on, and marvel at the length and breadth of the human imaginative spirit.

  12. Similar in a way to you I guess…
    It is about absorbing moments in my life…about fully grasping the reality of the now, and not allowing my life to pass in a blurr.
    It is smelling the skin of my children, feeling the stubble on my husbands face, memorising the exact colour of my fathers eyes…remembering to stop and appreciate the wonderful view from my dining room, tasting every taste in a glass of good red wine, being gentle with myself when I fail and feeling worthwhile regardless.
    Since leaving Christianity, I feel an authentic, earthy spirituality which I thrive on.


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