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Tell me what you think this poem is about. DO you think it is sad or joyful?

This is a poem i wrote and i tried to get feedback, but i dont think many people understood it. Can you let me know what you think it is about. Do you think it is a joyful poem or sad and fatalistic? read it carefully please. thank you.
Inevitably, we are chained to this moment.
Naively, we struggle desperately to escape.
Our failed attempts leave us scarred and indignant;
for our chains, unrelenting, do tear and scrape.
Let us end our futile attempts of evasion;
for there is no place which can offer solace.
Rather, let us view the present with delectation;
and remember always to live with benevolence.
Now we see ourselves not as a prisoner,
but as beneficiaries of the ever-present.
We perceive each moment with eyes of wonder,
and are cradled by time, as if an infant.
So, let’s nestle ourselves in the arms of the clock;
and in this moment, let us gently rock.


  1. I am not sure what it is about specifically… but for me it seems to be about our struggle here on earth.
    I find it uplifting.

  2. I read your poem and thought it was awesome, well thought, personal and realistic. I would love to read more of your work, you really have a gift.

  3. It’s beautiful. I wouldn’t say joyous, however. More…content…with realization. Or…content with the moment, rather. It’s hard to explain. All poetry is hard to decide on.
    It’s going to mean different things for different people, too. There isn’t just one right way to look at it. That’s something I’ve learned from my years of writing (I, too, am a poet), there’s millions of different ways to read something. It could be terribly sad to one person, perhaps someone who has recently lost a loved one. Or it could be joyous, for those in love with life.
    It really all depends on the person

  4. From the start it seems puzzling and complicated.I think its sad that you are lock of your inevitable experience but in the end you try to stand up and look for a brighter start..

  5. I absolutely love this poem. It is joyful and amusing and wonderful!
    You are amazing. I am a fan…do you have more to read?
    what does the title mean?

  6. I understood clearly your message. About living in the present but sadly we all live shortly taken by time. I felt you expressed your message well. I guess we must step back a step and look closely at ourselves and realise nothing is permanent and naturally we go back to being an infant while its just a matter of time that brings us their so meanwhile enjoy this precious moment as it may not last forever. Overall I enjoyed your poem. I don’t think its sad I see this as part of life the journey we all have. I’ts understanding that we only have each other here and now for only a short while. So enjoy each day what life brings you.

  7. it sounds like to young lovers who are scared but yet wanting to grow, they are held down by what others may want. it’s good.


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