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Tell me if I have this definition right?

So I’m a bit confused about the subconscious mind. Would doing something subconsciously mean being aware of doing but not concentrating so much? If I’m incorrect please correct my statement.
Also, if you know the things you do subconsciously, wouldn’t it no longer be subconscious?


  1. You’re on the right track, but I’d say subconsciously goes beyond your own recongition of doing whatever it is.
    If you do it subconsciously, you don’t even realize it. Your brain is working on it, and your body reacting (if necessary), but you aren’t aware until after the fact or someone points it out. Or, you break out of this type of lack of awareness and realize what you are doing.

  2. yeah, like you are not actively thinking about it but its in there anyway and you’re doing things related to the thought without thinking about it. Automatically

  3. If your doing something subconsciously, the term generally refers to you doing something with out knowing your doing it. Somewhat of a habit.
    For example: I have a problem with biting my finger nails (it’s bad I know). I don’t particularly do it for any reason I just do it. And I have caught myself doing it multiple times and not even know I’m doing it (i.e. while watching TV or talking to someone). I’m usually immersed in something else and will just do it with out even knowing.
    Hope this helps

  4. If what your saying is true am i in trouble or is this a good thing because i do this all the time like beating up my dog,throwing my cat across the room, saying bad and hurtfull things to myself in the mirror.All i have not been aware of but other people tell me i do these things, sleep walking is the worst i do bad things in my sleep……..


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