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Tell me about light and it affects us. Mental health, biology, science of all kinds?

Questions, include how light tells a laying hen it’s spring time and time for her to set on eggs—how light effects laying– any interesting thing agout light.
How light effects the human mind?
Plant life- maybe why a garden vegtable seems to mature sooner and reproduce quicker in the fall?
Any thing about light even in physics– you cannot give to much detail? Quantum Physics and light?


  1. sunlight does seem to have some affect on depression, but they’re not sure yet if it is preventive or suppressive (i.e. does lack of it contribute to depression, or does getting it keep people who are prone to depression from getting symptoms.)
    light also affects melatonin levels, which affect many physiological and psychological functions.

  2. Light is the flux that gives us informationabout the shape of an object ;thus we see.
    Light is radiation energy which gets absorberd into atoms and gives them temperature.
    Chemical reactions in our body would not take pace without a starter for the reaction. The reaction starter is called activation energy. That comes for the radiation phenomena.
    The same is true for all life including plant life.
    Without the sun there would be an Ice age where every thing would be frozen stiff for manny years with no chance of parole.
    Too much Sun would be very similar except there would be a heat age where everything would roast just like a turkey at thanksgiving. Of Course if you study evolution it would tell you how a roasted turkey can survive. Lol

  3. Light certainly influences plants enormously, and not just the obvious one that they die without it.
    Plants can measure light / dark with tremendous accuracy. The Poinsettia that we buy for Christmas has a precise requirement for continuous darkness before it will flower. The accuracy is measured in minutes.
    The bulb on an onion does not start to swell until after midsummer. It has a way (probably photosensitive chemical) of measuring day length.
    Many seeds will not germinate unless they are exposed to light. This is quite “clever” when you think about it. If they are not in the light, they may be buried too deeply to grow, so they just sit there and wait until an animal, or gardener, turns the soil over.

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