Sunday, September 26, 2021

tell me about colors and lights relationship?

as much detail as you can, please? What determines color? what quantum physics says about light ?


  1. colours are generally identified by us to certain wavelengths . like green is 5000 – 6000 AU etc. ( i dont exactly remember the wavelength ) but actually we get the sensation of colour in our eye by the energy ( frequency ) of the light . frequency is a characteristic of the source emitter.
    if it were wavelength , a person immersed in water in a pool will see
    a green tree outside as some other colour. ( light travel with different speed in air and water and hence different wavelenghts )

  2. color is your brain’s interpretation of light of certain wavelength.
    that’s why some people see color very different from you do. that’s why animals experience color different from human.

  3. We are capable of seeing different colors because of the cones in our eyes that are sensitive to different wavelengths of light. Red, green, and blue are the three primary colors of light, and as such, there are different cones in our eyes which are sensitive to all three.
    Color itself is characterized by different wavelengths (ranging from 400nm-70nm; nm = nanometers) and frequencies which correspond to different color and different amounts of energy (respectively) within each color.
    Visible light (all color inclusive) is part of the electromagnetic spectrum along with other electromagnetic radiation. Going further right yields an increase in the frequency, or generally speaking, the energy of the different types of radiation. These include (from the longest wavelength/lower frequency to shorter wavelength/higher frequency):
    Radio waves>>Microwaves>>Infared>>Visible light>>Ultraviolet>>X-rays>>Gamma Rays


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