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telepathy with animals?

I’m a firm believer that I can talk to animals with telepathy…I can sense their feelings and such, but i really want to communicate ideas and thoughts with my pets. 1)How can I tell that the messages are going through? Also, 2)how do I know the difference between a message from the animal vs. one of my own thoughts? 3)Are there any techniques that can help “guide” the message across?
Thanks to all!


  1. Dude talking to animals with your mind? what have you been eating? is there something wrong with the water you are drinking whatever it is stop eating, drinking, looking, or doing it. I mean i’ve been there and done that but it didn’t work out so well. you aren’t an Aliza Thornberry so sorry to bust your dreams but give it up your just hurting yourself. We love you thats why we want to help you so please go to a doctor or a phyciatrist i did it really works! So go on and live your life in reality not in a telepathic fantasy. Please.


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