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Telepathy ??? why ? why not ?

nybody belive in Telepathy ?
If so what experience have you had ?
I have old friends to call me just by saying there name and saying call me ! And funny enuff they call when they wouldnt.
OR sending a message by staring at there picture and repaeting a message,and they get it
OR thinking of something that could happen and funny enuff in the next few days it does happen.
Well telepathy must be real or the military at one stage wouldnt study and look into it if it wasnt.
thanx ???


  1. I believe it exists.
    Thoughts are like radio waves and the human brain is the sender and receiver.
    You have given me some idea’s, I’ll start staring at that picture and repeat my message……:-))

  2. i definitely think its real. people have alot more power than they realize. did you know it is a fact that egyptian would move huge objects by making a noise? i believe people can do alot of things. we dont even know what more than half our brains are used for, and there are so many things that simply cannot be explained by simple magic tricks or guessing.

  3. The military thought there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the US citizens are paying billions of dollars to find out there were none. And you want me to believe that everything the military spends money on has credibility?
    Have personA stare at a picture of someone they do not know, but who believes in telepathy (personB), and have personA repeat his/her phone number mentally for 30-60 minutes. If personB calls them even within 24 hours with no outside human contact, I’ll consider the possibility.
    Thinking that there is telepathy is opening a can of worms. people have enough problems with relationships when they talk to each other openly; just imagine how messed up you would be if they also communicated with you through telepathy.


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