telepathy? what do u think?

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i think i am going insane a bit. i tried telepathy with around 5 people and it worked with 3-4 of them. i told them to think of a word and i saw the first letter floating around. and i tried this with people far away like california, my cousin, and i saw her house and it was dif than the last time i was there. the furniture was moved. so i thought i have virtual teleportation. am i crazy or is it working, but i have to say i tried using a oujia board and it worked but a friend took it and broke it, and now i cant read minds anymore? what do u think(NO BAD/MEAN ANSWERS)

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dabbling with satan might give you power,but ends in fire

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you should watch the show penn and teller’s bullshit.


i wouldn’t recommend messing with ouija boards & stuff like that. Although Telepathy is real and not everyone can do it.. . it doesnt need to relate to the “dark side” It sound like you already have developed some abilities.. Check out the Telepathy Mp3 ( im sure it will help you this ability more. Cheers!


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