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telepathy? what do u think?

i think i am going insane a bit. i tried telepathy with around 5 people and it worked with 3-4 of them. i told them to think of a word and i saw the first letter floating around. and i tried this with people far away like california, my cousin, and i saw her house and it was dif than the last time i was there. the furniture was moved. so i thought i have virtual teleportation. am i crazy or is it working, but i have to say i tried using a oujia board and it worked but a friend took it and broke it, and now i cant read minds anymore? what do u think(NO BAD/MEAN ANSWERS)


  1. i wouldn’t recommend messing with ouija boards & stuff like that. Although Telepathy is real and not everyone can do it.. . it doesnt need to relate to the “dark side” It sound like you already have developed some abilities.. Check out the Telepathy Mp3 (bettermind.info) im sure it will help you this ability more. Cheers!


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