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Telepathy to find missing people?

Personally I don’t believe in telepathy or psychic powers. I was having a discussion about this with someone, and they mentioned how telepathy is used to find missing people sometimes. Is this true? Have there ever been actual cases where its happened?


  1. No, not true.
    There are many imaginary things that can make exciting and enjoyable fiction stories. Many people enjoy them and so do I.
    Just remember, these are NOT REAL:
    Telepathy, dragons, time traveling, Cupid, reincarnation, werewolves, genies, zombies, mermaids, vampires, lucky numbers, tooth fairies, homeopathic healing, magic (of any color), leprechauns, spontaneous human combustion, astrological influences, Vulcan death grip, clairvoyants, astral traveling, Superman, angels, charmed or lucky objects, unicorns, hexes, space aliens on Earth, light sabers, paranormal anything, dead people walking around, fountain of youth, telekinesis, spirit guides… or supernatural events of any kind.

  2. It has been used successfully on occasion, but it’s rather ‘hit-or-miss’ with our present understanding. Some top psychics are quite good, but never claim 100%. The spirits are willing, but we mortals are in a kind of kindergarten. Prayer and patience work well. Best wishes.

  3. It’s not true. Psychics love to claim that they helped police with their inquiries when really they did no such thing.
    In fact psychics regularly make a nuisance of themselves by sending the police on a wild goose chase and causing extra distress to the victim’s families.
    Recent news article of a case in Wales

  4. I think in a way that’s what prayer is.So who’s to say that psychics don’t pray and sometimes find lost people. In some cases I think people can send out thoughts for help that others might “hear”…but it doesn’t mean they can be lead directly to that person. I think there are psychics who really want to help find people ..so if they have some “feeling” about where the person might be..they should tell someone ..but not go saying that they “know” where that person is. Confidence without arrogance should apply. Many people have premonitions so why can’t they have …or “hear” ideas about where a lost person might be? I think this can happen to anyone…not just psychics. If I had a lost loved one I would try every source available.

  5. There are varying opinions among police as to whether psychics are useful in investigating missing person or murder cases, but psychics have been brought in to assist investigations. Some detectives think there is something to it and say psychics have been able to provide important information.
    You may enjoy some of the links below.

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