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telepathy through electronic devices?

Imagine its the year 2050. Cell phones are now obsolete. Instead we have devices that are connected to our brains that transmit and direct our thoughts. All we need to know is the “phone number” of the person we wish to speak to and if they accept the call you communicate through nothing other than thoughts, no need to even speak.
I think a senario like that is scientifically plausible in the future. My question is what (if any) technologies are there that are already pioneering virtual telepathy through electronic devices? I do know that there is technology that can allow quadriplegics to use the internet, that could one day become more like telepathy.
Any other interesting theories?
… commercials catered to me specifically? Thats a scary thought. maybe we really don’t want virtual telepathy after all….
I agree that it would not be litteral telepathy. That is simply two or more minds sharing thoughts, without audio or vissual ques.
But it would be like telepathy in that we’d be using technology as a medium to facilitate such communication. And for that matter any technology that could project thoughts would potentially be able to used for other applications – including military.
Imagine the future of indentity theft! But instead of speculating over the possible negative affects I’d rather consider the positive. I do agree that future technology should be used to the benefit war veterans and disabled people alike.


  1. And a security camera will be able to scan your eyes, read your brain waves, and a TV will play a commercial specially designed for you.

  2. I know what you are speaking of about the quadriplegics but no I must disagree completely. A chip in the brain is nothing like telepathy. Wouldn’t it be more like bionic / half machine-half human type of thing? Just like a “smart prosthetics”, There is some sort of signal so no, it is not a form of telepathy, not to me.
    I saw something about an older woman who had lost her vision as like a child or something. Well they gave her some new eye invention. She can now see in lines.
    I feel very strongly about inventions such as these, they are immensely important, our disabled veterans deserve nothing but the absolute best.

  3. I concur–such devices will never be “telepathy” in the usual sense of the word, just well-designed bionics. Right now, as long as a quadriplegic can speak, the technology exists to use a phone through voice commands only; this will only continue to improve in efficiency as the years roll by.


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