Home Discussion Forum telepathy : those born with a high degree of natural telepathic ability?

telepathy : those born with a high degree of natural telepathic ability?

can confuse people and can also make them agree with their views……etc
is this true ?


  1. Fiction. There is no such thing. If their are telepaths they will rule. Its just in movies, books and comics. Those that claim to read minds just study people’s actions and culture.

  2. I do believe telepathy is possible to an extent. Ever finished someone’s sentence? Or have you ever said something that someone else was thinking at the same moment? Have you ever said the same thing someone said at the same time? “jinx you owe me a soda”. It is your intuition coming through. The gut feelings you have probably had before and what I stated above all come from your intuition.
    I do not believe that this is actually “reading someones thoughts.” Have you ever heard that we only use a very small percentage of our brain on a daily basis? What does the other large percentage do? I firmly believe that the percentage of our brain that the majority does not use is what many call psychic phenomenon. Although psychic is not the best word, I know that intuition is something everyone is born with. I believe that it is the same with math. It is normal for someone to be smarter than others in academics. So i believe that someone can have a stronger intuition than others naturally. However, it can be taught and learned just like academics.
    Intuition is something inside of us that we are born with. A natural instinct.
    Telepathy, premonitions, and the “gut feeling” may just be different levels of your intuition. The power of the mind is great. We just are brought up in a society where everyone is basically made to go to school to learn very similar things. Intuition is not taught or learned about in any of the 12 years of school were are forced to go to. Some people like me are just naturally prone to such phenomenon.

  3. telepathy is real but not in the sense that you’re thinking of. it is not a metaphysical phenomenon, but rather a scientific ability. the human brain is just a really advance computer, and in the very distant future the ability to “hack” into the mind will be capable. this may sound like a movie but it’s pure science. it will most likely be a luxury of the rich and disabled. more than likely military will have many uses for it.(training, spying, etc)

  4. not really. you can send people thoughts and read their thoughts but that doesnt mean they will obey you or agree with you. what u are thinking of is more like hypnosis.


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