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Telepathy, the Boston Globe and a volcanic eruption?

Can anyone provide proof of the Boston Globe publishing an article on the eruption of Krakatau in 1883 on the same day it erupted? This would be great evidence for supernatural/psychic ability.
Apparently, the editor for the Boston Globe had psychic dream where he saw the eruption of Krakatau in detail and wrote it all down. It was accidentally published the next day by mistake. He found out a week or two later, the even actually happened as he had seen it. I would like verification the Globe really did print a story on the eruption the next day where it would have been impossible in 1883 to have gotten the news that fast.


  1. How’s that *evidence*? At least it’s no kind of scientific evidence. And it works in a pretty simple manner: If it exists in this universe, it is a part of the universe, and thus has to follow the rules of the universe. Thus if there are psychics, there must be an actual scientific explanation on how psychic abilities work. None of the people who were known to have looked into psychic ability had ever found any indication on the existence of so-called “supernatural” abilities.


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