Telepathy test: which number did I write on my sheet of paper?





I wrote a (big) two-digit number on a sheet of paper next to my computer and I drew a circle around it.
I ask you to guess this number using telepathy (and your memory).
Your answer should be a two-digit number (namely one of the numbers 10, 11,12,…,97,98 or 99) plus any comment you may want to add.


  1. here we go…. it’s a real integer in the range of [10, 99].
    i just boggled your mind beyond recognition.
    btw, the number is 43

  2. This is a trick question! There is no piece of paper!!
    Ahahaha just kidding…I really don’t know….I have a strange feeling that it is something like 97…? But I really don’t know why though….
    Hope I’ve helped

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