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Telepathy Test – I have an idea that the 25th person to answer me will be as strange as hell.?

Will this work?
Please be aware that if you are the 25th person our minds will fuse together and we may just take over the world. Just warning you.
Lizard: Ahhh, yes. I forgot to take that into account. Perhaps this means all who answer will be melded into one super-mind (and that will probably include Fireball)!


  1. Sorry, I can’t wait around to be 25th, and I cannot fuse minds. I did it once before. I’d like to fuse minds with you and conquer the world, but if I accept, I’ll refuse. A paradox like that could result in more graviton leakage from our Universe.

  2. Crap, I’m about 10 off. Oh hey, exactly 10 off!
    I have to wonder what constitutes “strange as hell”, though.
    Splitting infinitives? Dangling participles? Ending sentences with prepositions?


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