Telepathy refers to the?

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Telepathy refers to the
A)extrasensory transmission of thoughts from one mind to another.
B)extrasensory perception of events that occur at places remote to the perceiver.
C)perception of future events, such as a person’s fate.
D)ability to understand and share the emotions of another person

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Tyler M

I’d say more A and C… but it’s different for everyone. B, is talking about remote viewing, which was actually proven by the government to work

Saraphina Blue


Hell Princess

Telepathy (from the Greek τηλε, tele meaning “distant” and πάθη, pathe meaning “affliction”),[2] is the ostensible transfer of information on thoughts or feelings between individuals by means other than the five senses (See Psi).[1][3] The term was coined in 1882 by the classical scholar Fredric W. H. Myers, a founder of the Society for Psychical Research,[1] specifically to replace the earlier expression thought-transference.[1][3] A person who is able to make use of telepathy is said to be able to read the thoughts and stored information in the brain of others. Telepathy, along with psychokinesis forms the main branches of parapsychological research, and many studies seeking to detect, understand, and utilize telepathy have been done within the field.
The scientific consensus, as expressed by the National Science Foundation, has identified and described ten subjects, including telepathy, and they consider belief in those subjects to be pseudoscientific beliefs.[4] Among the reasons the concept has not been accepted by the scientific community is that there is no accepted mechanism by which telepathy can work. As well, there is no definition which unambiguously distinguishes it from a number of other related concepts such as clairvoyance.[5]
Telepathy is a common theme in modern fiction and science fiction, with many superheroes and supervillains having telepathic abilities. Such abilities include sensing the thoughts of others.



Girl Raphael

All of the above


As all life forms are telepathic, but humans have forgotten that fact, I think that A is the most direct meaning of the term, but all the others utilize the use of our non physical *spiritual* senses and awareness..
B can often be described as clairvoyance..
C likewise, using our natural ability in 5D consciousness (our spiritual level) to glimpse future happenings, as in 5D we experience TIME differently, as the continuous NOW moment which includes past, present and near future in a kind of *oneness*, a state we will all be entering in the period from now to 2012, for currently, our level of consciousness is ascending from 3D to 5D, which is why TIME is being experienced as flying by ever faster!!..
With D, we again return to basic mind to mind transfer of non-verbal information and emotion.


It’s definitely A. Telepathy is basically reading other peoples minds and their thoughts.

Kitty Kat

technically, telepathy refers to recieving and projecting thoughts or feelings, so A and D. B is remote viewing and could be considered telepathic if you were seeing said event through someone elsse`s eyes. C is clairvoyancy. But what you can do of A, B, and D depends on the person (ex- I think I can recieve thoughts but not project them)


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