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Telepathy real?feelings.?

How to know Feelings-Telepathy?Hypnotism?
When I was in New Delhi some student did something to know my feelings.I don’t know what he did but now everybody knows my feelings.That is- the opposite person can read my feelings .
Is it related to hypnotism or telepathy?I think some people around new delhi/Punjab in India knows the trick.
How can I get rid of this so that nobody could read my feelings?
IT is real ! Other people Can read my feelings by just once looking at my face. Even from remote places they can read my feelings.I just don’t know how to get rid of this problem.Even my friends told me that my feelings are read by others.They tell me what is on my mind at any instant and they are correct..Now believe me? In Punjab/New Delhi areas in India they know some trick.my be Telepathy or something else..
The first answer given below dwells on the practicality.
The fact is that
Some young boy in his 20s in New Delhi in India did something on me while I was asleep,from his room beside my room, to know my feelings.
(I guess many people in that area(New Delhi /Punjab in India)know some trick to read other people’s feelings.)
Ever since that day, whoever looks at my face(or into my eyes), even an ordinary lay person,they come to know my feelings instantly.Even my friends told me whats happening in my head.It is almost some years but I can’t get rid of this problem.
It is not a big deal but a trick. May be one day I will be able to master that trick.


  1. Telepathy is the reading of thoughts. Empathy is the reading of feelings. Through body language, mannerisms, motions facial expressions and such, it is possible to make an accurate GUESS as to the feelings of another, and to this ability, we apply the name empathy. Telepathy on the other hand, NO ONE has been able to demonstrate with any accuracy. ANd if you CAN, or know any else who CAN and do it in a lab under scrutiny, then you should go to http://www.randi.org and apply for his million dollar prize for proof that anything supernatural, paranormal or spiritual exists or even works as advertised. You too, could be a million dollars richer if what you say happened to you, you could repeat for James Randi…

  2. Maybe you have a very expressive face and body language and people can look at you and guess how you are feeling and what you are thinking. If you get upset and over react when people tell you this they will do it more and more because it’s really good fun teasing someone with a silly idea if you can get a lot of mileage out of it.
    No one ever had been able to demonstrate that they have been able to do telepathy under controlled conditions so there is absolutely no way that they can know your actual thoughts.
    Test them by thinking something really bizarre that they would never guess (like you want to marry their grandmother), and I bet they will have no idea what you are thinking of.

  3. It could just be that the more you think people can read your feelings, the more you show them without even realizing it.

  4. I’ve had numerous telepathic experiences of varying degrees. It’s perfectly normal and people, esp. in the west, have just been mind numbed by their society into thinking it’s not.


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