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Telepathy : Reading mind?

Is it really possible to read mind of other?
Is any extra intelligence required for that or any comman person can practice telepathy.


  1. It doesn’t seem that humans are capable of telepathy because the brain cannot read brain waves from one person’s skull through another’s. The thing is that the brain waves are fairly low energy and cannot even penetrate the original brain. The only way this could even be possible is opening a section of the cranial bone on both ends and even then, human brains need a computer to read the waves and interpret them, which is really difficult or not even possible.

  2. everythings possible in this world. we can’t read brain waves but there are ways like being a medium, they use help from the other side. If you believe it or not but its something to think about.
    Theres also who read face and body expressions and people think its mind reading, like I said it depends on what you believe in.

  3. If you take science seriously, there is not a shred of evidence for telepathy. One man a former magician who commonly exposes how supposed telepathy feats are pulled off is so certain of this fact that he’ll pay you, or anyone else one million dollars if they can demonstrate any sort of telepathy in a laboratory setting. No one has been able to do this so far.
    Lots of people have experiences that “feel” like they are psychic, but when put to the test they never hold up. Some of them are lying, of course, but some are sincere. Of these it looks like the human tendency to count the “hits” and dismiss the misses.
    If I think of a friend and then he calls, I can say it was psychic (counting the hits). But when I do this I forget to count the dozens of times that I thought of him when he didn’t call (not counting the misses).
    Watch people’s claims for this stuff. Most claims come in the form of, “But I’m REALLY certain it happened. Feeling certain has nothing to do with demonstrating that the phenomenon had anything to do with any paranormal process. You’ll also hear claims that your skepticism is getting in the way, or that you just aren’t able to see it because you don’t believe.
    Untold millions have been made off from people who were misled by these claims.
    Lots of resources above to help you sort through the claims for yourself.

  4. Communication is not dependent solely on what is called *verbal communication*. However *non-verbal communication* is not the same as telepathy but it is confused for it. We are already hardwired to read nonverbal signals and when you can’t you are perceived to be autistic or suffering from some condition like ADD.
    Many social behaviors and disabilities revolve around this form of communication. There is also a part of the mind that utilizes inductive reasoning processes to make connections in a manner that is not entirely rational, or *cognitive* and this too is confused for *telepathy* when the pattern or results in understanding that cannot be determined to be strictly rational or cognitive. An example of this is when you resolve problems sub or pre-consciously in dreams.
    Actually as lot of this is explained by what is called Evolutionary psychology.

  5. Our thoughts are not etched on the sides of the brain like the pages in a book. The best way I can describe that it comes for me is that I feel certain vibes. For instance there have been days with my own husband, who works at least two to three hours from home, I would feel vibes so strong that I would literally stop what I am doing. He’d come home and do exactly what I saw him do.

  6. If you have experienced this or feel that others may be projecting their thoughts into your head, you can be helped with medication.


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