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Telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, telekenesis?

Any experience of these or similar? NB I mean anecdotes from your own experience, not something you read about or heard of.

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  1. A couple of times in the past I got “feelings” when playing roulette. I started with 2 dollars once and 15 minutes later I had 7 100 dollar chips-I knew what numbers were coming up next. They changed the dealer on me 3 times in that period and the pit boss was staring at me.

  2. My family seems to be very in tune to each other’s minds.. especially me, sisters, mother, grandmother.. etc.. and it isn’t a girl thing because my nephew (1 of 3) is really connected to his mom’s mind too.
    I didn’t know about my older sister until I was 11 because she was from my mom’s previous marriage and she was 27 and for some reason it was a big secret, and then i found out about her. Anyway the point is, around the time i was 9 up until i was 10 or maybe even 11, I had the name “ann_marie” stuck in my head (i wasn’t sure what the middle letter there was) . By “stuck in my head” i mean that I kept saying it inside my head and sometimes out loud.
    When I found out about my sister and she came over her name was Anna Marie.
    Usually when I am about to say something to someone I will say it in my head first (probably because im not ready to say it because I need to catch up to them or something), and they will respond to what I said in my head as though I said it out loud. (this is usually my mom, but sometimes friends). I get nervous when I say something to someone in my head becuase Iknow that if i want them to hear it then they will hear it, whether i meant for them to or not.

  3. Telepathy….
    It happen automatically when it happens, usually when I can see a spirit or person their thoughts pop in my head. I know it’s their thoughts even if the person is 1/8 mile away, as long as I can see their either expression or movement. Since I seen many spirits, their thoughts pop in my head the same, even when asleep, sometimes when they come close my third eye opens I can see what they are doing in the room, and feel their thoughts. A few times I was able to telepathically give them my thoughts unless they read me the same as I read them, It was amazing.
    I was able to communicate with spirits fully awake, see and hear them speak out loud too.
    This too just comes to me automatically. Usually it’s just minutes to hours in advance. I sometimes have a vision of what’s about to happen in my head. Once I was driving to work, went under a bridge, and around a bad curve. I knew there was a car behind me, I had a vision that he came out from under the bridge, and went wide almost going off the road….I saw it down to the detail in my head.
    Months before that on the way to work again. I had a vision of a deer on a fast run coming across the road in front of me. As I got to the light, made a left turn, good thing I was looking for that deer. It came out just the way I saw it, I had to apply the brakes.
    Once it came to me in a dream, but it didn’t happen until months later.
    Four other times I knew something bad was about to happen by the way my body felt, usually it pays off to prepare for what you know is coming. paid off twice during war time.

  4. I am a intuitive tarot reader and so I have had many experiences. I once smelled a mix of sweet and tobacco, like pipe tobacco, when I spoke of this to my client, they informed me that they had smoked a cigarette, and was not supposed to, so they sprayed perfume to hide the smell.
    I smelled it from miles away.
    I have found lost items in a manner that I cannot explain, it is like I AM the dousing rod.
    I have even been “witness” to a kidnapping, retro-cognition.

  5. I read a set of playing cards – commonly known as gypsy reading and I pretty much can get a rough idea of what will happen for the week. I cut trouble with mice and property – a bitter disapppointment (7 spades) to property (9 diamonds) by animal (2hearts) tears (6 spades) to money (10 clubs) I looked like I would be speaking with a fair woman (quean of hearts) angry words (10 spades)
    I purchased an air conditioner – the mice ate some wires I had asked the installer to ensure the mice could not get into it and it cost money to repair.
    I was in a position where my friend got sick – I was 400 kilometres away and I heard him tell me to ring him
    THese are just a couple of things that happen

  6. Precognition.
    A lot of times I will dream things before they happen, or I just “feel” it.
    Three times now I have predicted someone’s death (the last person hasn’t actually passed, but after I dreamed of his funeral, his cancer returned and the chemotherapy stopped working)
    Another time I was at work and I had this strong feeling that someone close to me (or myself, I wasn’t sure) would be very ill and in the hospital. A month later, my father had a heart attack.
    Sometimes I say what other people are thinking or finish their sentences.


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