Sunday, September 26, 2021

Telepathy, precognition, and other "psychic abilities"…?

Do the gifts of telepathy, precognitive ability, healing abilities, and any other “psychic gifts” — do these have a moral imperative?– By that I mean, are they a direct result of a connection to God or are they the natural abilities of the brain that some people have the ability to utilize? — Everyone welcome to answer, regardless of your beliefs or religion!


  1. I think everyone can have those abilities but only a few seem to find out how to use it. We all have soo much brainpower that we cannot currently use. I think anything is possible.

  2. All of it is i suppose …God is the creator after all..but even evil people have these abilities…..another one of those confusing realities….like bad things happening to good people.

  3. If you believe in God…maybe. If you believe in science…probably not.
    There isn’t even scientific fact they are real, so how can you conclude if they can be connected to religion?
    I’ve never met a telepathic, or even a psychic of any kind.

  4. the LORD JESUS CHRIST is the source of all things good…
    ‘gifts’ of the SPIRIT are often recieved
    witchcraft and sorcery are not going to do you anygood…
    no matter how fast your broom flies,
    HE is FASTER
    HE has Risen

  5. I do beleive that everyone has the potential to do it, (differing amounts, though.) but it may come more easily for others, especially if they were taught early on how to work it.

  6. We all have the ability. We just haven’t been taught that we do. Nor have we exercised those abilities. The pineal gland is responsible for these abilities. It’s like a muscle and muscles require exercise to stay in shape. The pineal gland is the same way. It atrophies with lack of use, but is capable of being activated again.

  7. I have read about these ‘abilities’ from the public press to scientific studies and have come to the only conclusion you can: There is absolutely no evidence that any of these ‘abilities’ exists.

  8. I logged on today knowing you would be asking that question, at this point in your life, I don’t think you would be able to fully understand the answer! I promise, from now on, I’ll be watching your life’s journey, and when I feel your ready to understand the answer, I will notify you!!!

  9. There is abolutely no evidence, anywhere that anyone has any paranormal ability at all. There are many people who are taken in by charlatans and mountebanks and believe that they are genuine but they are not. No-one has yet demonstrated any psychic or other ability in any testable or provable form.

  10. They are the result of humankind’s evolution. We all have the abilities, although not everyone has nurtured them. Just like a foreign language, if you don’t use it, you cannot speak it fluently.

  11. If God is real, what would prevent Him from granting us psychic gifts? When God guides us, could you allow yourself to accept the possibility, that He could grant you psychic abilities such as telepathy or precognition? These are gifts from a God who loves us!

  12. A very good question. Does any gift come with an imperative?
    I think any gift should be used wisely if at all possible. The things you speak of can be as much of a cross to bear for those that might have them as a gift. Control of an unusual gift is not easy and could leave the person open to harm or do harm with out true intent past a stray emotion.
    As with any gift/curse I think it is meant to be a path to seek God whether it serves past that or not would be up to God.

  13. The answer is “Yes”–to both questions.
    Everything is interconnected–such gifts are our manifestation of our awareness of that connection. The Goddess IS the Whole, and so we are connected to Her, and through Her.
    So…psychic gifts are a natural function of the brain–a function given to us by Her. And like all of Her gifts, we should use them wisely.

  14. Gosh good question. I do believe I have some psychic abilities, and I did notice that I started getting them when I learned more about God, and the Oneness of all.
    I do believe that some people are predisposed to it…eg…they are predestined for it through karma..or genetics…or God’s Will. But I do also believe that a ‘normal’ person (like me), can develop them. I would like to test them out with someone though. Recently It came to me while i was meditating that I would get a new computer within a few weeks…I didn’t believe it though…but it kept coming…and eventually, when I was working in a hospital, a patient came on two different days in DKA(diabetic Ketoacidosis)…and the second time…After the third day of hospitalization…he requested that I come to his hospital room..and after a small chat…he said…”see that computer on the table…i want you to have’s yours”
    I was taken aback, and refused it…but he insisted, and I reluctantly accepted it as a gift…something I might not have, if it didn’t come in my meditation…well…i’m using that computer right now.
    One thing is…Did I get a prediction of what was going to happen…or did I create it?…..Did I somehow create the event…and somehow forces put it in his mind….give this fellow a laptop.
    I don’t know if i answered your question…but there you go.

  15. Your question is unique and interesting. I think that you might find that those who are nontheists/realists would not believe in “psychic abilities” either. As an agnostic, I am uncertain whether extrasensory perception in its various forms is legitimate. Scientifically, brain activity is electrical, therefore a form of energy which might possess capabilities which are regarded as extraordinary. I have personally experienced on many occasions someone comprehending my thoughts and responding to them verbally, particularly elderly people, thus, I am fairly certain that some sort of telepathic activity exists. Since I am agnostic, I would not necessarily attribute it to God, but, if one is a theist and also a believer in the “gifts” of ESP as you have named them, then God would be the bestower of those as the giver of all things, would he not?


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