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telepathy or what? please help?

What would it be classified as if I was constantly saying the same things at the same time as somebody who is across the world? It happens a lot on AIM (the messages will be sent at the exact same time containing the same words exactly) and we’ll both experience ringing in the ears at the same time, etc. It sort of creeps me out a lot but I’d like to research something like this. There are so many oddities about the situation and we’ve never met in person. Would this be a form of telepathy or something else entirely? It’s too canny. I’ve never experienced it before with anybody (neither has she) and I was wondering if you could possibly help. Answers, suggestions, sites I could look at and so on would be amazing. Thank you so much in advance.


  1. Why not?
    It can’t be mental illness because probably you would be insisting it is real and true instead of feeling that you don’t know what’s going on.
    I have never had such an experience but I have come across a few people that have, including my own brother and I keep an open mind because I can not fathom if it is real or false. I’d like to believe that it is true…it would be amazing!

  2. You’re not alone. I had a friend in England with whom I’ve had this. (And a couple of others who were friends of mine in high school) Most people who invest a lot of themselves in someone else has this. It’s cool but freaky. I haven’t spoken to my brit friend in over a year and he can still feel my ‘vibes’.
    I haven’t found many studies on this and when I mentioned this skill to my therapist he looked at me strangely and then told me how he had it as well.
    It is considered telepathy by those in parapsychology.
    Congrats! Not everyone can have this type of relationship!

  3. There is apparently some kind of connection between you two. I am not an expert, i cant explain it but it happens a lot. I know it sounds crazy but I believe that there is some kind of energy that attract people. That energy is so strong that it makes it possible for two individuals to communicate without words or physical contact or exposure. This doesn’t mean you two should be friends or more than that, maybe there is no reason why this phenomenon happens. Its scary.


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