Home Discussion Forum Telepathy or telekinesis? Is there such a thing?

Telepathy or telekinesis? Is there such a thing?

And if so, how do you get it? (The last part is just for the fun of it)


  1. There is no such thing as telepathy or telekinesis. If you really want to appear like a telepathic then I suggest you study psychology extensively.

  2. no one has ever been able to repeat 100% testing, some are on occasion 100% accurate only 50% of the time

  3. YES, most definitely there is such a thing as both Telepathy and Telekinesis. Here is the proof.
    The CIA launched a Remote Viewing, telepathy, project that had an 85% success rate for 5 individuals. This project tested the ability of a person located at Stanford to remote view a location based upon information provided. These individuals drew pictures or gave descriptions of surroundings and events based upon the information provided. A person’s name or even the name of a crossroads.
    Russia launched a telekinesis in which they had found a couple of unique people that could cause items to move by concentration. Yuri Gellar was found to be able to bend spoons by rubbing his thumb on the handle. WIthout applying any pressure or touching the head, the spoon would bend on camera or with witnesses. There were reports that one individual was able to stop the heart of a bird in the next room.
    So far, no one has found a way to grant any psionic ability to another. You have it or not.


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