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Telepathy or Imagination?

Ok, so for a while now I have been “communicating” with a guy that I like, and everything we have talked about has come true so far… is it Telepathy, or is it just my big imagination?
P.S. When ever we touch I can feel a change in temperature where we touch( i.e. When we hold hands, lets say the room is cold, my hands turn warm) Any ideas?


  1. Please don’t put too much stock into this. Things like this happen and it does not mean telepathy or anything that means a whole lot to your life.
    Hope this helps. Good luck.
    PS. Don’t let this be a measure of your relationship.

  2. Not telepathy so much as power of persuasion and the power of thought, especially in the accommodation phase of a relationship. Both of you want it to be good, therefore it becomes so.
    Touching hands turn warm? Yep, it’s called blood flow and hormones 🙂


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