Telepathy or Imagination?

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Ok, so for a while now I have been “communicating” with a guy that I like, and everything we have talked about has come true so far… is it Telepathy, or is it just my big imagination?
P.S. When ever we touch I can feel a change in temperature where we touch( i.e. When we hold hands, lets say the room is cold, my hands turn warm) Any ideas?

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Please don’t put too much stock into this. Things like this happen and it does not mean telepathy or anything that means a whole lot to your life.
Hope this helps. Good luck.
PS. Don’t let this be a measure of your relationship.


Not telepathy so much as power of persuasion and the power of thought, especially in the accommodation phase of a relationship. Both of you want it to be good, therefore it becomes so.
Touching hands turn warm? Yep, it’s called blood flow and hormones 🙂

jack b nimble

When your imagination tells you a truth it could be telepathy, when it does not it is only your imagination.


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