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Telepathy or coincidence?

Today, I was watching Wheel of Fortune in Philippine Version hosted By Kris Aquino. In the last round, the letters were revealed, in which the KSTLNE were the permanent letters!! There were 7 boxes that were blanked and one Letter “L” filled the empty box. Making it 6 empty boxes all in all with one L on the third box. Before the player gives the 3 consonants and one vowel, I have this feeling that the word might be CALCIUM. I just don’t know why it came it my head, but it just suddenly appeared in my mind. But then when the player gives the letters C,P,R,I.. 3 boxes were revealed.. First and Fourth box with letter C and the fifth box with letter I.. And it was really the word CALCIUM!! And I’ve been thinkin.. do I have telepathy?? Or was it just a coincidence.. I’ve been experiencing these things, like what happened a long time ago.. there’s a certain phrase I instill in my mind.. and when I lift my head to the TV.. it was the phrase that the host has said!! Could this be telepathy!?


  1. Some people can do calculations in a particular stream, very fast. This is probably what happens to you. Also, honestly see for yourself, the number of times you failed.
    Try figuring out what peope are going to say in real life. Mind reading does happen, sometimes.


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