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Telepathy not on twins?

Tell me if this telepathy.
Say like my sister (two years younger) and I am talking to someone and that person is talking about… umm music.
Person: I don’t like county music.
Me thinking:”that person doesn’t like Taylor Swift?
My sister: You on’t like Taylor Swift??!
What is that or am i just thinking too much?


  1. No, that is not telepathy. That is just mere coincidence. You and your sister are close and tend to think alike. This is not telepathy. Telepathy is the ability to read each others thoughts. She didn’t read your mind and then say what you were thinking. She just happened to be thinking the same thing. Someone unusual, but not psychic.

  2. It’s not telephathy.
    Twins are “telepathic” simply because their genetics, family background, and the environment they grew up in are so similar that they have similar personalities/interests/characters.
    Our predisposed genetic background and the way/place that we are brought up in determine who we are.
    Therefore, you and your sister both have the same parents and grew up together. You guys were exposed to similar things, so the likelihood of you guys having similar interests (in singers like Taylor Swift) is very high.
    My best friend and I always read each others’ mind. We’re definitely not telephathic, we just hang together so much that we know each other inside and out.

  3. yea- i knew twins – older— and one died and the other died very soon after that.. it was purely because of their genetics—
    it was old age but still…


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