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TELEPATHY…. Is it real? I think my friend is telepathic.?

There have been many incidences where I have thought my friend could read my mind and lately there have been so many signs, it’s scary. The first incident I remember, a bunch of us were at my friends house playing some game and I remember thinking something, although I don’t remember what I thought now let’s just say I thought I was hungry, so my friend says to another person about 5 minutes later, “Wait didn’t you say you were hungry?” and they were like “no..” but I had thought it and I know for a fact that no one else had said it. That was the first time I thought “hm I wonder if she can read my mind” even though I wasn’t serious then, I just thought it was a weird coincidence. Then about a week ago we were hanging out with some other people, I was really drunk so I don’t remember it really clearly but my friend said something that I was about to say so I said “I was just about to say that!” and she goes “cause I can read your mind right?” but I don’t ever remember saying anything like that to her, ever. A couple days after that we were in the car and I was thinking about something somewhat private and then she giggled after I had finished the thought, which I thought was weird because we were just listening to the radio. Last, a couple days ago, I’m hanging out with her and I have been researching telepathy and mind reading and I was thinking about that then she giggled so I looked at her then she looked at me which I thought was super weird and ever since then I haven’t been able to get it off my mind… So either I’m crazy and paranoid or she can read my mind… But I believe that this world has powers unimaginable, so I believe that telepathy is real… Anyway, I want to know how I would go about confronting my friend about this without seeming crazy in case I’m wrong.
Hey you can’t say it’s not possible if you don’t know for sure. 🙂


  1. HAHAHAHA great question. Think about it from the physical world. It’s not possible. It’s all about odds and common sense. If you were to ask someone “Which card are you thinking of out of a deck of cards?” the most common answer is Queen of clubs. It’s all about odds, maybe your friend is a intellectual.

  2. ok. me and my best friend do this all the time. we always finish each others sentences and stuff, and some could call it telepathy. but i SERIOUSLY doubt that she is telepathic. it could just be coincidental.

  3. I’m sure you and your best friend have enough familiarity with each other where she can read your facial expression. People who spend a lot of time together also are likely to be thinking the same thing at the same time.
    This is not hard to do and it’s not unusual, because unless someone has a head injury or is from a completely different culture, two people in constant proximity will likely have the same thoughts most of the time. This is not paranormal, it’s basic psychology. We are NOT unique little snowflakes and the chances of two brains having the same thoughts are more common than you’d want to believe.
    Make a test. It’s not hard. Think about specific things and ask her what they are, one at a time. Have them written down. You can even take playing cards, concentrate on them and have her tell you what they are.
    If she can muster up her “talent” under scientific controls, then OK , she’s Telepathic, and you two should go to Las Vegas and become millionaires playing Blackjack.

  4. Confirmation Bias / Subjective Validation
    You ignore all the times where you or your friend thought or said something that didn’t happen and just remember the times that do happen.

  5. Nobody has been able to prove telepathy is real under observed and controlled conditions. Since it would be very easy to prove it exists, its a safe bet to believe it doesn’t. With millions of dollars being offered up for a demonstration of such an ability, its hard to believe nobody has come forth to claim the money if such an ability is real.
    The more logical explanation is that this is your best friend, and she has many of the same experiences and thoughts you are having simple because you guys are hanging out and doing things. Some people are better at reading other peoples expressions, and maybe she is gifted in this way in addition to knowing you very well. Don’t play poker against her, or she will take all your money.

  6. Your examples could be explained by you and your friend just knowing each other very well and being in tune with facial expressions, body language, etc.
    The next part of your question is more complicated.
    There is no good way to test pure telepathy (mind to mind) because in order for us to have evidence we must write down one persons thought before the other tries to read it. Then you open up the possibility that the information was gathered by by ESP (clairvoyance) meaning they got it from the paper not your mind.
    Say, for example if I was a magician offering money for proof of the paranormal. If you said you are thinking of a red fire truck. I would no doubt deny this and say I was thinking of a Blue Unicorn (anything but a fire truck). So, this is why we need to write it down first.
    However, there are test for ESP (getting information with your mind from somewhere) that have have been repeatedly demonstrated that provides evidence that meets all the standards of evidence for every field of science in support of ESP.
    So, yes according to every standard of evidence for science ESP is real and has been repeatedly demonstrated.
    That said one always has to first rule out normal explanations before looking for paranormal explanations. Is it possible that ESP is at work in your relationship, yes. Is it needed to explain your examples, probably not.

  7. Yes she is telepathic. There is no real way you can confront her she can just deny it, if she wants to. I would not confront her, I would just ask her nicely as a friend.

  8. I agree you can’t say it’s not possible if you don’t know for sure…
    Sometime it does not need telepathy ability to know what was in a person mind.
    I can ‘read’ or predict what a person is going to say or to do, so am i telepathy?
    You have that kind of ability to predict as well, you just need to relax, be you self and more adept to you surrounding than you will see what i mean…!

  9. Maybe… er you started doing things that make her laugh unconciously. But the only way to know for sure is to experiement. since the problem here is that she can read your mind you need to reap the results without preticipating in the experiment yourself. You need to set up your friends(or someone who doesn’t know or suspect her of being telepathic and her in such a way that you can obtain that she can read the persons mind? your situation is unique to you so you will have design the experiement yourself but if you use your brains good enough it won’t be hard.

  10. Worthy of examination. Take a pack of cards. Take the top card. Think about it. Ask anyone who claims to telepathic what the card is.
    Repeat ten times. If anyone gets it more than 2 times out of 10, definitely worthy of scientific scrutiny.
    However, I guarantee none will be worthy of scientific scrutiny.

  11. If this is your buddy, just ask.
    Or you can purposely send the thought and “think” loudly to them that you want to talk about it.

  12. It has never ever been proved by anyone anywhere throughout the entire history of the world that they actually have this ability. Think about it. What would a person who actually really and truly posses such an ability be able to achieve? I mean really. Imagine the courts if such a thing was available to prosecutors? If these things existed, then why would governments throughout the world not use it? If it existed there would either be no wars whatsoever or we would have wiped each other off the face of the earth many many years ago.
    Thinking that such fantasies as these exist in real life is nothing short of idiotic. The real world is not a Harry Potter novel.


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