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Telepathy – is it possible?

I never believed that it was until I began reading this book about quantum theory. Apparently atoms can communicate in a kind of telepathic way even when their on opposite sides of the universe. If they can do it why can’t we? what do you think?


  1. I think humans do communicate telepathically. Sometimes it’s apparent, but sometimes it isn’t. I have yet to figure out if such communication is a product of intuition, reading body language, knowing a person or people, and/or a combination of outside events that lead people to think they are reading one another’s mind. However, there are times that thoughts fly between people that are physically separated so that none of the above would apply. This is where such quantum mechanics would step in. I think in the future we’ll find that all of what we and the ancients considered to be “magic” or “supernatural” will be proven as just another aspect of our natural universe where physics rules.

  2. You already know what I think!!..I joke..
    Not only is telepathy possible, but all species of life, here and hereafter, use it to communicate with each other, including us!!!
    We are not the physical body we see in our mirror each day, but the spiritual being within (our consciousness) which animates that physical body..
    We are all very special, and our thoughts are powerful and have effect..(Look up the Law of Attraction, sometimes called THe Secret)..How many times do you suddenly think of someone, the phone rings and *guess who*, yes, it is that person in your mind, as you had *picked up* that thought beforehand as they dialled your number..When we think OF someone, we think TO that person!..Fact!..Distance, as you say, has no effect..
    I am a sensitive or medium, and I can sometimes receive the thoughts and feelings from people who have passed beyond this life, for no-one ever dies, spiritually..

  3. I don’t know about any quantum theory, but I do know telepathy is possible. For years my best friend, and dear soul mate of mine, have communicated in such a manner. Sometimes I have picked up on other people’s thoughts, although it has been more random than how it is with my friend. Important information has been passed between us only using our thought processes. We have confirmed the communications later so we know it to be real. I have also received communications from beyond this realm. It is hard to explain the messages, however they are profound and have helped me in this life.


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