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Telepathy is causing a major problem for me. I'm looking for an open minded person to discuss this with?

I have a counselor but I can’t talk about paranormal things with her, or I might get institutionalized or put on some heavy meds. I need to talk to someone about this particular situation, and I have no one.


  1. You should tell your councilor they are trained to listen to you, if you can read minds prove it to your councilor by reading his/her mind. good luck you have a gift don’t be afraid of it.

  2. You just may have a gift, these telepathic thoughts from people and spirits when they come near me just happen on their own. I first thought it was something to do with expressions, but most of the spirits I see don’t have and details or expressions, so I believe it happens when I think of that person or spirit the same time they think of me, and their personal thoughts pop in my head. Only once I was able to speak telepathy back and forth with a spirit. People that don’t believe in it will just think your nuts.

  3. They can’t medicate you or institutionalize you against your will, unless you pose an immediate threat to yourself or others. Believing in magic is not threatening. No need to worry. Just talk to her and see how she responds. She will very likely be interested in addressing your magical thinking.

  4. Talk to your counselor. You’d be surprised how open minded they can be. They’re not automatically going to think you’re crazy. I’ve actually admitted it to a counselor, the things I can see and feel, and was told it wasn’t something they hadn’t heard of before. They weren’t surprised in the least and they didn’t doubt me, didn’t call me crazy or try to make me believe I wasn’t experiencing what I experience. They simply accepted it as a part of me.

  5. The licensed counselors at 1-800-525-LOVE are available 24/7; their general website is http://www.klove.com
    “Major problem” is?
    For example, if you’ve taken (abused) drugs, they would tend to open your sensitivity to lower telepathies.
    Institutionalization is not a good thing for many people; hence, you have an interest in keeping your emotional and mental life fairly normal. Likewise, heavy meds are rife with potential side effects.
    So, would suggest you talk with the 1-800 counselors, about your telepathy issues, and they will have local counselors they can recommend who are cautious about prescribing meds.
    As you aren’t discussing your telepathy problem, that’s kind of moot. Speculation: if you’re simply “reading” people’s minds, that would be kind of boring, as most people tend to think about what’s for dinner, their next business meeting, how the last person they met judged them, etc. If you’re into unusual telepathy, that would tend to indicate lesser “spirits” are playing with you, mistreating you. Your question doesn’t suggest someone who’s simply revolving their fantasies. So, if things are a problem, imo you are being misled by negative energies, whether due to drug abuse or chemical imbalance. The 1-800 counselors’ local referrals would tend imo to give conservative meds with goal of stabilizing either of these two “chemical causes.”
    And, are you basing your opinion of your counselor and her institutionalization behavior on any facts, such as her track record, or are you speculating? If the latter, perhaps you could question her as to what behavior constitutes grounds for institutionalization, in her opinion. If you believe she’s giving you an honest answer, and she says something like “If a person’s likely to do violent things to self, others, and/or property,” then you might risk asking her about “hearing voices” or something like that, which is one indicator of “schizophrenia.”
    Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychosis
    Also, “Emotions: Transforming Anger, Fear and Pain,” Marilyn Barrick
    “Ethical ESP,” Ann Ree Colton.
    Reviews at http://www.amazon.com

  6. I am very open minded. I am a firm believer in telepathy. If you want someone to discuss it with, feel free to contact me via answers.

  7. Why is it causing you pain? i like it that i have the ability to do this along with other things accept your gift be glad you have it their is a important reason.Everyone’s gift and ability and ability level is different mine is different from yours.I do and don’t understand why you don’t like it i know how much is can drain you but i like my gift besides who i am adding that just makes me more unique.


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