Telepathy. I have 1 simple and 1 complicated question?






“The transference of thoughts or feelings between two or more subjects…” Wikipedia says.
I am sure that people with very strong minds have been able to achieve it, or may have unconsciously done it. I have been reading about signs of telepathy. If we repeat an intense thought and direct it to a particular person, it will be like transferring emotions to them.
1(Simple question): Is it some form of telepathy when you find yourself and someone else around you thinking of the same thing?
2. Does distance matter when you want to send a message/share emotions with someone by using your mind? Like, if it’s too far, will those thoughts make it or not make it there, depending on the intensity of the transmitter’s thinking?


  1. Trust me from personal experience, I have practiced telepathy before & it is very very easy. Anybody can do it because it’s fun and it’s a good way to amaze yourself. My girlfriend & I practiced together and she lives about 5 miles away from me. It’s good if you have prior experience with meditations… but she didn’t at all.. and it still worked for us..
    We used symbols & shapes like hearts, triangles, and + symbols. Stay basic, go REALLY slow, stay simple & plain. Use colors. Be descriptive.
    I imagined OVER and OVER again me saying & spelling out the object to her on the phone. I said her IM, phone number, full name, where she lived in my head. I made that connection. I sent my message through that connection.
    Distance is not a factor for energy. You can send any kind of message across the world if you’d like. Remember, seperation is just an illusion. Someway, we’re all connected whether we realise it or not.
    Good luck, it’s loads of fun.. Otherwise I wouldn’t have answered this (:

  2. For your first question, the answer is: it is a sheer coincidence when you and someone else around you think of same thing. As per Wikipedia, there is no transfer of thought involved in this case.
    For your second question the answer, to the best of my knowledge, is this. All of us have got our individual intelligence. The Universe has also got its intelligence. Our intelligence and universal intelligence is connected by unseen thread/wire. The universal intelligence is also called ‘infinite intelligence’ or ‘cosmic intelligence’. To establish contact with that cosmic intelligence, we should elevate ourselves from our ordinary human level to a higher level of consciousness, which can only be achieved by few adept, who have sacrificed a lot and gained sufficient expertise in making our body divine. Only such people can hear words from any unknown source. Only such persons can transmit words or thoughts through telepathy.

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