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Telepathy, from a scientific point of view.?

Ok, the internet proves to be a hard place when it comes to this. I would like an answer strictly scientific not another spiritual mambo jambo and 99.8% success rates if you use I don’t know what.
First: has anyone undertaken supervised experiments on people who proved that have those powers? Or on some who had high scores in Ganzfeld like tests?
Second: If yes, what type were those?
Third: Which part of the brain is involved? Did they bother to do that?
The internet is full of programs that “read your mind” or increase tour telepathic powers by 1 gazillion percent, but nobody botherd to write wtith in the first 10 page google results about ANY scientific tests.


  1. There have been instances where the military (U.S.) has used people with supposed telepathic ability to locate POWs and other covert things in places that they’ve never seen/read about/ or heard about. As far as I’m concerned, I think it’s mostly bogus.

  2. Yes there is telepathy!!! the reason is that the brain contains a vibration the can be picked up on by other similar vibration…its just that simple. the real question is Is it possible to see into the future?

  3. There was actually a department at Princeton University that studied exactly that.
    I believe that they have cut the program just recently but they have observed some interesting things there. Princeton is the best university in the country so I tend to give them credit for being accurate about the studies that they do.

  4. it may or may not be of significance that james randi is still offering his $1,000,000 prize to anyone who can demonstrate a paranormal ability, telepathy included, in a supervised experiment.

  5. Scientific explanation:
    write a hypothesis about telepathy say:
    “one person can read anothers mind” and do an experiement and check the results several times. My guess is that the results will not prove your hypothesis.
    Nothing has been proven, No scientific research has resulted in findings that say telepathy is valid.


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