Telepathy for Beginners

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Communicating without physical or verbal act or by means other than through the normal senses or Knowledge conveyed from one individual to another without means of the five senses is commonly known as telepathy.

Telepathy can be explained in two theories. This very concept of Telepathy suggests that every single one of us has psychic energy that can transfer information.

Second concept involves the Matrix (akashic records). The Matrix is a structure where all information are stored from the past and even data from the future. The second theory states that a person’s subconscious has the capacity to connect to the Matrix and translates the information into the person’s conscious status. The reason why telepathic information are perceived.

However, in this article we will be discussing very basic techniques to perform telepathy.

Basically, you need a partner, Obviously, it is because telepathy needs a receiver and a sender for the information or message to transfer like in a normal communication..

Choose a partner that is into telepathy. Take note that not everyone understands how telepathy works or found of doing this unusual communication. So make sure that the partner you will choose will participate accordingly and be in silent space during your practices.

Find someone (Probably a receiver) to whom you will send these telepathic message, Prior to the experiment, be clearly if you are going to be a Sender or the Receiver, to avoid confusion as you both might end up sending and receiving messages ! Be Clear with your partner.!

The next thing to do is to pick a location,where no loud noises or disturbing sounds can be heard. Find a place where nobody will be able to disturb you.

As you see, you want to make telepathy to be successful and there is no right way to do it in finding the conducive environment. You must choose a place where you can relax your mind.

Third, Think about a short message and read it and imagine that you are actually saying it to your partner.

Be clear in reading out the message, make sure you don’t have anything else going in your minds. As you read your message, do it with feelings.

Practice some silent meditation, like Vipassana or Anapanasati meditation to silence your mind, This will help you more of the clearing your mind as you practice telepathy.

Reading your message with feelings will engage to a more successful transfer of the information.

Now try to visualize your Receiver while reading.

Your partner can stand 1 — 2 feet away from you so you can visualize your partner’s face.

When you are visualizing your partner, initially try with short messages , like try to think your message in your favorite color.

This way. Your information travels to your partner in the form of your favorite color.

Visualize it mentally as you do it. When you convey your message to you partner try to check out with your partner about the message.

If your partner responds then you have successfully sent the message. But do not expect that it will be promising by performing only one act. Maybe your performance is just by chance so daily practice is a must.

Not all things can be achieved for the first time. Make it a habit to practice telepathy in every single day to increase your ability to send information via telepathy.

More the meditative space you are in , the more chances of performing telepathy in a successful way.

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