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Telepathy… Fact or Fiction?

We all have a vague idea what telepathy is, but have anyone actually succeeded when trying it and how did you do it and what did you do? Lets see if anyone can truly say:”I have done it”!


  1. When i was younger, i went to a party at someone’s house. I had been to plenty of parties, but this one was odd, since there were so many social groups there… punks, gangstas, rednecks, druggies… some of which rarely get along. Everything seemed wonderful. Everyone was getting along… even more so than at a regular, less diverse gathering.
    A friend of mine had to go home for some reason, so i left to drop him off. I debated whether or not i was going to go back to the party, and decided that it was such a pleasant occurrence that i might as well.
    On the ride back to the party, i suddenly got an idea in my head… “Melissa is in trouble… i’d better drive fast…”
    I immediately shrugged it off, wondering why such a random thought would pop into my head.
    When i got back, the “wonderfully diverse and peaceful party” was in total chaos. Apparently one of the “gangstas” had just gotten out of prison, was very drunk, and did something stupid. Melissa had mentioned something about calling police, and the guy slapped her. Panic had ensued, and everyone was in an uproar.
    Before leaving the party, there was no indication of hostility. Melissa and I weren’t even close friends. How the idea came to me that she was in trouble, I still don’t know.
    That’s the closest evidence i’ve got.

  2. As a teen, I went through the usual teenage angst and feelings of suicide. This got bad at times until I talked to my folks who got me some help dealing with it. This is from before the help.
    I woke up one morning feeling very down, pretty much the most suicidal I had ever been. I just knew that life had to stop right that minute and went to the medicine cabinet meaning to find something to use. My Grandmother’s medicine was in there. She had things I knew would work and I was just deciding which to use when the phone rang. It was only 5:30 in the morning and the sun had barely risen. I didn’t want my folks woke up by the phone and so I quickly answered it. It was a girl from just 2 houses away. I had often played with her as a kid and we were friends but, as I was a bit older, not real close. She told me something had woke her up and she just knew that I needed her. She said it was like a compulsion to call me RIGHT NOW and she had run for the phone. She asked me what I was doing and told me, whatever it is stop it! When I told her that I had been about to kill myself, she hung up the phone and came over to talk to me. Our parents didn’t learn of the event for years after.
    When we talked, I asked her how she knew my phone number. We had never called each other before. She suddenly seemed puzzled and said, I don’t know, I just dialed the phone.
    This has not been the only case of telepathy I have shared. Most of the others have been family. I always know when my Mom is going to call or is wanting me to call her. She shares this gift with me.

  3. Fiction without a doubt, during the cold war both the USA and the USSR poured billions into researching things like telepathy and telekinesis for military purposes, just think of the potential these powers would have in the time of war? they both gave it up as a bad job, it just does not work.
    James Randi, a world famous magician and debunker of all paranormal claims will pay $1,000,000 if they can prove this ability under controlled and mutually agreed conditions, in the past thirty years no one has been able to do so, that should tell you something.

  4. Fact or fiction, it is 100% know at this time. So far, there is no definitive evidence for the existence of telepathy. On the other hand, telepathy has not yet been ruled out so anything is still possible.


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