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Telepathy experiment?

Did not know where to add this, I figured it belonged under pseudoscience. I was recently reading an interesting book title “Conversations on The Edge of the Apocalypse” In one of the interviews it dealt with telepathy. Has there been any experiments conducted that dealt with greeting people.
If you take an individual and tell them beforehand to greet people they make eye contact with while walking down a street, and in their mind they know they are going to greet this person and then you take another person to know they will not greet these people but to make eye contact, would this be a rather controlled experiment that would/could qualify as further improvement of our knowledge of telepathy?
Basically the message being sent to the person is that ‘hey I’m going to greet you’, and they end up greeting you first.
With the opposite individual, your intention is to get their attention with eye contact but subconciously say, I’m not going to greet you, and the person ignores you.
I hope this explains it fully.
I apologize for making it unclear. I am in a hurry at work.
Anyways, the point is your thinking you will greet this person, and you will, but it will be at the last possible second, your intention is to find out if they know you will greet them and they greet you first.
I notice that when I’m walking down the street and I look at people and I say to myself that I won’t speak to this person I’m making eye contact with, the tend to ignore me. But, if I am feeling sociable I will think ahead of time and it comes to find out that more times than not this person intends to greet me as well.


  1. Maybe it is just me but I don’t understand.
    The experiment is
    Person A greets people in the street that they have managed to make eye contact with.
    Person B makes eye contact but does not greet them?
    What is the experiment trying to show?
    I can see it would be an interesting experiment but I think most of the strangers would be reacting to the body language of the greeters rather than their thoughts.
    And how would you judge a hit or a miss? If you stare hard enough at most strangers and perhaps bare your teeth too they will normally acknowledge you in some way.

  2. i dont get where telepathy comes into this, there is no thought sending between individuals or have i read you question wrong
    it’d be an individual responce, most people dont like prolonged eye contact with some one they dont know but its how the rest of your body reacts while your eyeballing some one. the ones that generaly aknologing you are probaly wondering where they know you from & not from any though persuassion by you

  3. If you’re staring at them with thoughts of telepathy in your eyes, you’re most likely giving off a creepy or desperate vibe, therefore they might want to greet you so that you don’t try to kill them with your mental powers. No, but in all sincerity, what is the point of this? There is no event of telepathy involved in this question, people greet people typically when they have been spotted by another or are giving them subtle yet noticeable visual cues, ie, looking at someone.

  4. This seems most likely to be selective thinking and confirmation bias…
    There are far too many variables in this train of thought to be “controlled”. What if your acquaintance is thinking exactly what you are (testing you)? or is distracted and misses their usual greeting? Or normally greets everyone? Or never greets anyone?
    You would have to know the default condition of THEIR behavior first… Even then, as noted above, current mood (might) change their actions.
    Most Telepathy experiments fail at being scientific in a few basic ways:
    They fail to define their expectations
    They fail to use proper controls
    They fail to understand probability correctly
    All of this is not to say telepathy is impossible (though if it isn’t we’ll need to re-figure some physics), but as of yet there has been no repeatable evidence of such ability.
    Besides, it should at least be suspicious that many magicians can perform this ability without being telepathic…

  5. Not a good experiment. Subtle cues ,other than eye contact will most likely contaminate the results. One could set up an experiment where a group of researchers picked ppl at random in a seated meeting such as a church or other group. Each researcher is to stare at the back of the head of one person,and send thoughts to them to turn around. The subjects do not suspect anything out of the ordinary is going on. Record the number of “hits” within a given time frame. A control group in the same meeting ,in a different part of the crowd, would simply sit and listen to the proceedings, read ,or whatever. They would also record the # of ppl who turned around. Even better, the control group would consist of unknowing participants picked at random and monitored by one researcher. .

  6. This type of question is more suited to the Parapsychology section. Parapsychologists study these phenomenon and try to design experiments to determine the mechanisms behind telepathy, psychokinesis, and clairvoyance (among other things). I don’t know of any experiments done that are similar to your “greeting” experiment, but there are a number of issues related to the design of your experiment.
    First, the strangers you are making eye contact with are unknown quantities. You don’t know if they would always or never speak to another person on the street. This gives you an inconsistent set of data points.
    Second, there are too many “cues” that you could be sending to these people whether you mean to or not. You may be slightly smiling to those you intend to greet and sternly looking at those you don’t intend to greet. Subconscious cues or body language can play a large part in non-verbal human interaction.
    Your interest in the topic and your desire to study the phenomenon is obvious, so rather than critique your proposal, I have attached some links to some other, more rigorous experimental procedures relating to telepathy. If you have a further interest, you may want to delve further into parapsychology. Look up some of the answered questions in the parapsychology section. There is a lot of good information already provided on this forum. Good luck!

  7. That is a very very poorly controlled experiment.
    Much better – have someone drive you down the highway. Stare at the people as you are approaching to pass. If they look back at you with great frequency -that is telepathy.

  8. OK here is one for you. The next time you shake hands with a stranger…what physical process does your body go through in order to communicate with this other human? The first physical action on your part will be the Immune-system. You can tell by touch if this person is friend or foe. Our Immune-systems extend further out through our eye’s reception. Our Perception begins with our immune-system….some of us use it as a psychic connection. Because our minds-eye is connected to every part of us as a being. We perceive more than one thing at a time. Our minds then chose if we will go any further than a hand shake.

  9. Telepathy is basically when two people see one another close or far even when they are out of range to make eye contact. If they both are thinking of one another at the same time, their thoughts will pop in one anothers head….but usually it’s only one of them that is sensitive enough to pick up the others thoughts. It’s more like their energy, this happens to me once in a while. Sometimes when a spirit that comes to me that I can see, even if it has no eyes or it don’t speak out loud. I can feel it’s thoughts, depending on it’s thoughts I know if it’s speaking to me telepathically or I am reading it’s energy because it’s thoughts pop in my head, it’s personal thoughts like…”he can see me”, or like once a spirit was looking down at my girlfriend while her and I were sleeping, and it’s thoughts pop in my head, it was confused because it wasn’t the same girl that it met recently when she was there, another girlfriend that lived there before, and it’s thoughts were, “this is not the same girl”
    so telepathy is when both energies-thoughts connect at the same time, but usually it’s when I can see either spirits or people close or far, eyes that are to far to see or no eyes close up. So it’s not in the eyes but the energy-thoughts connecting…..This is what I ascertain from my experiences.
    Another example….when I sleep my eyes are shut, but when a spirit comes near, my third eye opens to where I can see the spirit, and sometimes we speak telepathy ….I see no eyes on it, and my eyes are shut, yet I see it and we telepathically speak.


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