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Telepathy & ESP – Are they One in the Realm of the Psychic, Paranormal & Subconscious?


  1. I believe so. Usually people go about their day without ever using their subconscious and conscious thought at the same time but it is possible to do so with practice. I think there is an open ended world of knowledge for us if we chose to learn it. Who is to say these are not all connected in the brain or even possible for that matter? There is so much of our brain that just lies dormant, maybe it would all make more sense if we could tap into that, even just a little bit.

  2. They are “similar” but not “same”. In paranormal terms, telepathy lets you transfer subconscious thoughts or communicate with others mentally.
    Animals are known to have a psychic (unspoken) kind of mental communication, but it is rare in humans. That is, unless you know the person deeply and exceptionally well to read his thoughts.
    ESP relates not just to thoughts but an extrasensory “feel” of things that eludes normal consciousness. It covers the 2 P’s of what the mind knows and is capable of: Perception and Prognosis. Sometimes, it can go beyond it.

  3. I’m not entirely sure I understand your question. Not sure what you’re wanting to know re: “psychic, Paranormal & Subconscious”. But…. Are they telepathy and ESP the same thing? No. ESP is a vague generalized term for a wide range or psychic abililities. It’s a bit like the term “psychic”. Telepathy is one specific ability.

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