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telepathy do you beleive in it?


  1. Then there is evil people who try to find out secret information on others without their permission either by telepathy or psychic ability, and if the person being affected by this were to go to psychologists for help and protection…the psychologists would say they are disordered. So is there really any way to protect yourself if this should hapen?

  2. I don’t know, I mean one part of me would like to, but that other rational part of me asks, ‘But how can it be possible?’

  3. 1) The average human brain outputs 30 watts. Current world human population is 6,597,300,000 or 200,000 megawatts. If there is a telepath anywhere you can find it by following the sound of screams.
    2) Channel bandwidth is limited by frequency re Claude Shannon. If you wanted telepathic 1000 bits/second (slow conversation) with both uplinks and downlinks you’d need a ~10^13 Hz carrier. EEG frequencies top off around 50 Hz.
    The nature of physical reality is not alterable by popular vote. Send Uncle Al’s regards to Alfred Bester when next you think of him (psi cop-out!).

  4. Why not . human brain is still a very big mystry waiting to be explored & investigated .
    I can recall a true story where 2 different ppl could send & receive mental messeges to each other when they were at 2 different countries .to some ppl it it seems weird & paranormal,others beleive in it& may even be able to experience it…


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