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Telepathy- can anybody give me any go throughs or steps?

I’m very well experinced in metaphysics, the occult nad the new age stuff but I always wanted to learn how to do telepathic communication or how to read someones mind or have the ability to go into somebodys dreams, can anybody give me any steps on how to practice telepathy or how to experince it?


  1. Some people are just born with it, and some aren’t. I have two friends of mine that can talk to each other in their minds. I acctually stay away from this kind of stuff, although i do catch some of their conversations sometimes, but if you can find someone who at least knows a little about it, and practice. cuz like they say, practice makes perfect. I dont know many drills, except sometimes i can get in someones head [who is not expecting it] {caution this could be dangerous depending on the person}. All you have to do is first make a connection. (its hard to explain, but i assume you already know this) Once you do that, the hard part comes. Weather ppl know it or not, about 100 thoughts cross their mind in a matter of seconds. if you can get past that outer layer of the mind, and get in, it will calm down alot. like in the eye of the hurricane or sumthin. then you can either take something you see, or imput something. My friends like sending each other images.. so.. well anyways.. Telepathic communication and mind reading works the same way. But (as you probably already know) you cant read someones mind when they say “tell me what im thinking” because then so many thoughts are flooding around you could hurt yourself trying to go in. The dream thing, im not sure about. It might start with the same basics i said here, but im not sure.
    hope i helped a little.!

  2. Science offers very few answers of how this ability might work. However, there are some findings that might be helpful to you that apply to ESP in general.
    1. Physical relaxation seem to help
    2. Reduced sensory input appears to help
    3. Increased awareness of your internal processes helps
    4, Reduced physiological arousal (no caffeine, etc.)
    The books “Mental Radio” by Upton Sinclair and Dream Telepathy” by Montague Pullman & Stanley Krippner might be of some interest to you.
    Michael John Weaver, M.S.


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