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Telepathy by accident?

I was wondering, because I really need to know,
Was my worldwide telepathy an accident, meaning “caused by God” or was it caused by something else?
Any explanations?


  1. Well, since you didn’t give any details, I can’t help very much. You might try getting a book on symbols, because your “worldwide telepathy” might have been a vision, and a book of symbols will help you work out what that vision meant to you.

  2. it’s a gift not an accident or a curse. i have no idea what your incident was, some people get flashes all the time for others its a one time event usually involving someone they share a connection with, whatever the reason you’ve been blessed so please accept your blessing and don’t worry over explanations so much. there are practical ways tou can strenghthen your abilities if you so desire. it’s like any muscle the more you use it the stronger it will be.

  3. Being Teleapathic, isn’t an accident. When you have Teleapathic thoughts of someone, it means their having thoughts of you also.You generally, feel this when the other person, has you on their mind,& you Mentally pick it up. Consider it a Gift.

  4. Do you mean you often hear people think about you or talking to you? Do you also mean that anybody around you can hear your thoughts? I have this ability myself. I often wonder how I came upon it and if it is a curse or punishment. If you have any idea how to control it, let me know!


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