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Telepathy and telekinesis,abilities we all posses?

People claim to have complete control of their body and minds allowing them to do certain things ranging from being able to slow or speed up their heart rate,drop or raise their body temperature,walk on hot coals,or communicate with others and move objects using only their mind, as well as stating “we all posses the ability to do so”. The last 2 intrigue me most, does anyone beleive this is really happening,and we all have the ability to do so??


  1. Walking on hot coals is simple physics, not a paranormal ability. Anyone can do it. Coals are not a good conductor of heat, so as long as you keep your pace up, you’ll be fine. You can raise/lower your heart rate by making yourself excited or calming yourself down; again, not paranormal. Now, moving objects with your mind or speaking to someone else telepathically would be a paranormal ability, and while it’s certainly true people have made these claims, none of them have ever been able to demonstrate it (when we stopped them from cheating, anyway). So no, I don’t think that’s an ability anyone possesses.
    EDIT: The 10% of our brain thing is a myth. We use all of our brain, just not all the time. And there’s no part of your brain that lets you break the laws of physics.

  2. We are all spirits inside of our bodies.What’s so strange about spirits doing spiritual things? It should be normal for everyone.

  3. with concentration and practice you can posses” the ability to move things with your mind and communicate with others as well as other things.

  4. The average human uses about 10% of their brain. I find it hard to believe the rest is just there for looks. I believe everyone had the ability to use ESP. Most loose the ability when they get up toward adult age. It is conditioned out of them by religion,adults,and schooling. These systems don’t want anything that seems extra ordinary to continue. It “offends their sensibilities”.And it must be evil because the church said so.


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