telekinesis?please help :(?






um say that one day i was sitting on my couch just watching tv and i ask my mother something but she says no and i got angry very angry them we heard a noise in the kitchen,one of my moms favorite dishes cracked randomly by itself then i got a headache and a little dizzy,i’m not lying please help i’m only 15yrs old and confused,wat does this mean please help

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  1. It means stop reading Stephen King novels. Telekinesis makes interesting works of fiction, but that is exactly what it is. You said yourself the dish cracked “randomly by itself” and was not influenced by your anger.

  2. That is called coincidence not telekinesis.
    _No one_ can do telekinesis.
    Patricia who believes in the unlimited power of the mind will now give us all a demonstration on how telekinesis is done. Maybe if we are very lucky she will give us a demonstration on how auras can stain your pillows too?

  3. There are a lot of people out there who don’t believe in anything paranormal. Why they choose to answer as an authority on these types of questions is beyond me. I will tell you now that I am no expert, but I do believe in the unlimited power of the mind. Some are connected to parts of the mind that others are just unaware of and refuse to accept as a possibility. It is VERY possible that this was just a fluke coincidence and it is possible that it was not. You need to think back on any other time that this may have happened. you may also find some organizations on line that can help you to understand this better or maybe are even abel to go in for evaluation.

  4. What you are worried about is probably better classified as a poltergeist phenomena. Find out more about poltergeist phenomena at wikipedia.
    On the other hand, it is probably just coincidence, things do break on their own. I suggest you don’t worry about it unless these things begin to happen more often.

  5. The dish may have already been fractured from an earlier mishap. Perhaps it cracked further after being used or washed – it may have been cooling.
    There is no evidence of telekinetic powers, even after several scientific studies. It is basically old school magical thinking not supported by today’s knowledge of physics.
    If you did have these powers, why didn’t the TV explode? Or lots of other stuff? Why just a single dish out in the kitchen?
    The headache was probably just stress related, due to becoming angry.
    If you are not convinced, try some experiments. See if you can repeat it. If you can, let us know. You could try for the JREF million dollar paranormal challenge, where you are tested under mutually agreed controlled conditions. If you can prove you have powers, the 1 million will be yours. Though after 10 years, no one has ever proceded past preliminary tests.

  6. Almost all such questions are asked by those who are quite young.
    As we grow older, we learn not to believe in Santa Claus, or ghosts, or telekinesis, or poultergeists, or astral travelling, or the Easter Bunny. Why? Because we look for evidence, and that suggests that such things are pure inventions in fictional books and movies, intoduced for the purpose of entertainment, usually for children. These things have no actual reality. So you do not need to worry. A headache and something breaking have no causal connection.

  7. I suppose it is possible that you subconsciously used psychokinesis, in which case you should read up on psionic abilities try However, it is more likely a coincidence.

  8. You might read “PK Man,” by Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., about a man he knew. has psychokinesis demonstrated at quantum levels in double-checked experiments. “Psychoenergetic Science” is a book by him.
    “Extraordinary Knowing,” Dr. Elizabeth Mayer,
    “The Path of the Higher Self,” Mark Prophet, and
    “The Master of Lucid Dreams,” Dr. Olga Kharitidi, are worthwhile, related.
    Probably should control your temper 🙂
    “Emotions,” Marilyn Barrick, Ph.D.
    The same kind of event happened with Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, pioneers of 20th century psychology. Jung and Freud were talking in one of their homes, having a heated discussion, when suddenly a major cracking of a knife happened. Freud looked at Jung and said something like “Coincidence,” Jung smiled and said something like “Would you like to see it happen again?” Freud said yes, Jung duplicated his anger, and a second cracking happened.
    Wolfgang Pauli, a major physics theorist, was feared by his colleagues, who noted that strange breakings of lab equipment happened alot when Pauli visited. They called it “the Pauli effect.” Happened many times.

    There are things called angels.
    There are good angels which are known as angels. These angels work for God. The good angels work to help humans.
    There are bad angels which are known as demons, ghosts, … These bad angels are on the devil’s side. Bad angels work to steal, kill and destroy human lives.
    Now, God’s power is supreme and only God can protect you from the bad angels and the devil. God can save you.
    (To be saved speak in your head, or out loud where you are):
    Admit to Jesus that you have done wrong and that you want to change and do right.
    Believe Jesus is God and receive Jesus as your savior.
    Commit to and follow Jesus.
    Once you have become saved, you will have the power to cast demons to Hell in Jesus’ name. Simply state: “Demon(s) be cast into Hell in Jesus name!”
    Demons can also be cast out by playing Christian music and by prayer (talking to God) and fasting.
    So, after you get saved cast the demons out to Hell in Jesus name, play Christian music (89.7 fm available on radio or online), talk to God, read the bible ( free bible reading online) and attend a good church that believes that Jesus is God and follows what the bible says.

  10. This unfortunately is not telekinesis, contrary to what has been said here, telekinesis is not fiction but is not what you described either. Simply put, telekinesis is the ability to move objects with the mind, not crack them.
    And age doesn’t matter for these things, some psychics can do a lot art a very young age.

  11. Well maybe you are like Alex Mack,just kidding,anyway
    you all may have a ghost haunting your house and it broke your moms favorite dish,talk to her about ghosts and things,anyone can get ghosts in their house,please check the source area.

  12. Look I don’t know you, but like the vast majority of people who’ve answered your question I would put it down to coincidence and stress. Unless you were thinking about that particular plate at the time. And for the sake of your sanity do not listen to the advice from milon. If he convinces you that it’s demons then it’s going to cost you a fortune in phycreatric help in the fueter. Put down the scary books and movies. Go out and play with your mates and build up your sens of hummer.

  13. You are in puberty. Hormones are raging as they say. Your neurotransmitters are all over the place and your mind is developing, addressing new issues, feelings, experiences.
    Therefore in puberty symptoms of mental illness appear first.
    However, in some cases paranormal experiences also emerge as well as such abilities. Psychokinesis is one ability associated with this. It usually fades away as psychokinesis is very rare and unpredictable. I believe it to be possible that neuro chemistry and innate paranormal abilities can combine to manifest in the real world.
    I would not worry about it, likely it never occurs again.
    Plates can break when there are unseen fractures in the ceramics. And temperature changes may cause them to finally give in, e,g, after doing dishes or when the room temperature changes and the plate reacts to it.
    So it could be coincidence.

  14. As Jung says; the unconscious is just that…unconscious. To try and replicate unconscious psychokinesis (you probably do have to move something to crack it BTW) using objective methods may not bring results but does not falsify things either.
    Milon is speaking from a Christian viewpoint which is very polarized (i.e. life is about goodies and baddies). That might make him/her comfortable but does not make him/her an authority. There was no figure known as ‘the devil’ before Christianity invented it (and Christianity is a very young religion).
    As for why the TV or another nearby didn’t blow up; perhaps part of you wanted to protect your mother from your anger.
    Where you go from here is up to you. Read all the skeptics’ literature and convince yourself it’s a meaningless coincidence, read all the parapsychological literature and convince yourself psychokinesis is real, read all the Christian literature and convince yourself you’re possessed or read everything and make your own mind up. That’s real science!

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