Telekinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance, teleportation…?






Telekinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance, teleportation… many people have attempted to learn these abilities and still, we don’t have real proof that these exist (or do we?). Do you think we will be able to master these abilities in the next few decades or centuries? or do you think these things are just made up and cannot be performed even in a billion years of evolution?


  1. We all have these abilities, but they depend on our willingness to accept that we do, which also depends on our advancement as a soul. As we are still beginners on the soul level (which is not a bad thing, it just is) I guess it will take quite a many years more before we start exercising these abilities or even start being aware of them.

  2. I once did a little test with my wife many years ago (She was pregnant 18 years old.) with a set of 20 colored pens. First I drew a daisy with five yellow petals, a brown center and a green stem with two leafs one on each side. I folded it up and put it in my pocket. Then I went to her with the pens and ask her to concentrate for a bit and then draw what ever came to mind. In the mean time I thought about the picture I had drawn. She drew the same exact picture. to the last detail. Then I showed her mine. We were both amazed.

  3. Telepathy and clairvoyance definitely exist most people just chalk them up to coincidence. Telekinesis, I am unsure about as it would take a lot of conviction to move something with our mind. Teleportation I don’t think will ever exist as that is a creation of science fiction.

  4. it can be learned almost all children are naturally clairvoyant until they recieve put downs from parents or older family members then they turn off their clairvoyance although it can be revived most dont bother to that or dont believe
    btw i am working on mine

  5. Not, sure, it could happen with time, oppservation, and experimentation.
    It would be hard to do. Teleportation can be done with machines, telepathy happens with animals and even some humans even though there not as clear as we think, telekinesis, I think, is imposible only God can move objects like that, and clairvoyance is pretty much imposible, except through God, he gives us visions kind of like what people think we have.
    Those are the only posible ways they can happen now, I think. But I could be wrong.

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