Telekinesis – A theory that makes it possible

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We made rapid progress after realizing that the Earth was not flat, but no matter what evolutionary stage we are at in terms of understanding existence, we could always still be wrong in our interpretations. I wrote my telekinesis article based on my vision of elementary existence with one purpose only – to help set your mind to enable telekinetic abilities – and not as an attempt to teach science.

To master an ability to influence the kinetic properties of an object, it is imperative to change your perception and understanding of what that object is – what exactly it is you are trying to move! Lets say I have a pair of plastic sun glasses in front of me – I am planning an attempt to move them across the table. If I think of it as a solid object, it wont matter what kind of visualization techniques or energy manipulation I try, there will be no result whatsoever. Now, let’s look at that same pair of glasses on an elementary level. Molecules with distances between their protons and electrons are proportional to distances of a planetary system – and subatomic particles themselves are also made of energy and information. If we look at these glasses on an elementary level, they not really existing as a material object, they are simply made up of energy and information – fluctuations of a Zero Point Field. According to Quantum Theory, particles like electron only forms as one, ones observed, wave changed its properties and receive somewhat fixed position in space, materialized as a particle.

Another way to look at it, as if ones processed with mind their is a record in your mind that control properties of that particle. My personal understanding is – particle has two components fluctuation of Zero Point Field and a node in your mind that control your personal perception of that particle, its position and other properties in your virtual space and time. Node and a wave are interconnected, so same node are also contained within a Zero Point Field.

So, there is a glasses in front of me, that is really just series of nodes in my mind that control fluctuations of a Zero point Field, that I perceive as a glasses. These fluctuations are waves, they have properties such frequency, phase, amplitude, those waves interact with each other forming stream of energy and information that our mind process as reality.

To enable telekinesis, we have to also change perception of what we are. We are made of the same stuff like the glasses and everything else in the reality we experience are the same kind of fluctuation of Zero point field, on the elementary level we are also just an energy and information. We are neither as solid or as dense as we like to perceive ourselves. In comparison to glasses every particle of our body constantly controlled with our consciousness, So on quantum level of reality any body movements, or moving objects conventionally using body parts, are not so different from telekinesis, Think of it as If I take glasses with my hand and move them forward, On the Quantum level pocket oquantum that controlled with my consciousness that formed my Body are in immediate proximity to packet of energy and Information that formed glasses, ones I touch glasses energy of a glasses and my become coherent, on the level of Information – Transform Nodes that are in control of a particles location of a glasses get parented to transform nodes of my hand. So I have moved the glasses, my reality changed, to be more exact information of the transform node of a glasses has changed.

I think the most important aspect for us in understanding Telekinesis is to allow an assumption that your consciousness is not limited within your body’s nervous system, it is connected to everything that you are aware of. Everything you can sense, you should be able focus on and control with your mind. When I look at the glasses, my consciousness instantly connects to them. Information exchange gets established. The more I focus my attention on the glasses, the more I sense them. The vibration of the glasses becomes coherent with my own, and that object then becomes part of me and no longer feels like a separate object. Even if I am not touching those glasses, I can sense them like an energy field – the vibration, dynamics and I can also see an aura around them. If you have that kind of experience, you can influence that object without touching it. Understanding how to focus on an object is the key factor. If we just stare at the glasses with our eyes, we will not move them. Instead, we have to focus on the node inside our minds that forms those glasses.

Everything that is happening in reality is actually happening in our minds. If we move the glasses in our mind, by changing the values of the transform node, reality will adjust accordingly and the glasses will move. I am not talking about just visualizing how the glasses move but In order to move them, the entire experience of the glasses should change. Think of that experience as a set of brainwaves. By adjusting the frequency, phase and amplitude of those waves, you can change the values of a transformation node and move that object.

Trying for the first time.

Everybody fails the first time! This does not mean anything except it defines you as having an open mind. Most importantly, the quality of the human mind is being opened to different possibilities. Only truly openminded people can achieve telekinesis. So, adjust your mind and start believing that you can do it. Take a pair of glasses and put them on the table in front of you. The surface of the table should offer little or no resistance and the glasses must be able to glide easily across the table surface. Move the glasses with your hand, let’s say 500 to 10000 times. Do not count and repeat this same move in time and space using exactly the same trajectory, temp and amplitude. Personally I like to move them outward. When you do it, only concentrate your attention on how you perceive the glasses inside your mind. Try not to think of the object moving, just try and experience the object moving.

Remember that it is not a material object! Focus on your experience, sensing what changes in your mind.

At some point try to anticipatethe moving experience with your mind just before you actually move that object with your hand. If you are in the right state of mind, you will start to feel that the glasses are responding to your thoughts. As long as you touch the glasses with your hand, it is alot easier to make them responsive.

I recommend that at first you practise getting the right feelings actually touching the objects physically. The hand has a more active nervous system and is the most receptive to energy and vibrations. It is a good idea to start by influencing an object while you’re touching it with your finger or hand. Try telekinetically to move an object while you have one finger on top of it. Also rolling a pen on top of your hand. As you advance you can place a pair of glasses on a piece of glossy cardboard, and in this way you can sense the glasses through the cardboard. When they start vibrating under the influence of your mind, increase the thickness of the cardboard.

Certain Binaural Beats and Stereoscopic Visual Stimulators help to trigger particular Theta brainwave activity that correspond to specific states of consciousness in which telekinetic and other paranormal abilities occur. I recommend using this technology as it will dramatically increase your chances of mastering telekinesis by helping you set the right brainwaves. Once you get a sense of it, you will be able to get there without the help of external stimulators. Building telekinetic power is very similar to building the muscles! Exercise daily and remember the results actually come when you rest. Be creative – try everything! Whatever exercise ideas come to mind! Do not think words, think actions! Believe that you are dreaming, even if you are awake. In a dream, you can do anything you want, if you know that it is a dream. Well – thinking quantum physics in the reality you are in is not that different from a dreamstate, and actually allows the same freedom for your powerful mind. Free your mind and explore the endless possibilities of being human!

About the Author

Andrei Bannikov
Founder of BinauralFXXX

About 10 years ago, I started to suspect that I had an ability to affect object kinetics with my mind. Since then, my interest has grown in developing my PSI abilities. Meditation is a way of gaining and exploring PSI abilities, relaxation and blanking of the mind. Void Meditation is an imperative class; Focal Meditation – a deep concentration of the mind achieved by focusing all thoughts and awareness on a single object – this is the key to activating PSI abilities. The best objects to select are the ones which hold your attention – a candle flame or a watch are good examples. I have tried it – any object works and every object brings a slightly different experience. But I wanted to try something innovative! Being a computer artist, I started to experiment and later developed surreal visual stimulators for meditation: Regular, Stereoscopic (with 3D Glasses) and Stereographic (Magic Eye Vision).

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Absolutely! On a quantum level everything in the Universe is made up of energy, including our thoughts. It took me a couple of times before this finally set in, and it’s one step closer to really developing and cultivating your telekinesis abilities.

I also find that it is much easier to practice psychic abilities while in a theta state, seeing as how that is a deep state to reach the subconscious mind, where all our “powers” are held. I believe that more and more people are growing more aware of these abilities, and I’m glad we can spread the awareness about how to use them. Thank you!


hi my name is sorina and recently i have had much loss in my life. i watched ‘what the bleep do we know’ quantum physics and there they explain we can do anything with our thoughts even turn back time. i am desperate and i would like to think it is posible but concioustly i do not belive that is posible. i however do belive that if you put enough effort and energy that you will die, i belive that thouse thoughts will manifest and you will die.


Is it POSSIBLE for me a, 14YO male to actually have telekinesis?…..i actually just started today so,…….will it work if i practice every day?


I would like to understand how it is that we can allow our conscious and unconscious mind to believe that what we want it to do will happen? I am a open- minded person trying to gain the ability of telekinesis. And well, it is quite difficult to implant such a big notion maybe if I could be hypnotized that would work, I don’t know I just would like to understand better what I can do to make my mind believe what I am telling it do. Is there any help in this area?


Can 12 years old do telekineses?


some people were best in telekinesis when they were 3 or 4 yrs old. the younger you are, the easier it is. because your mind is more open to new concepts.


sometimes my nigthmare was i am able to move what object i like, even behind the wall and what everything i percived in my mind i do it like what i do when i move my body the question is can i do that in reality??


how to do telekeneses???


I belive telicnises works. I’ve seen it done. But befor I read this artical I was already conecting with objects. Not only do u have to look into how every things conecte but look into devolping phyic abilitys. I belive it can be a soilid object. U just have to belive every thing is conected. Cause the vidios I’ve see describe some of these things. There are 2u ways I know of now to do telikineis both are is this way which may be alitel bit easyer seeing how quantimthery is. The other is faith not to fare fom the first. Well tecnoicly on a scintific and a reliougis leve this describes faith. But how ever I do belive u send brain waves to te object. And conect with it as apart of u. But I don’t think u have to look at all the atoms. Because people been devolpoing telicknissis for a long time


I’d like to believe this, I have tried to this for awhile.. Nothing. So after believing it for awhile, and nothing happens.. Yeah, I’d say it’s fake from my opinion. Unless however someone done this in front of me.. I see ghosts time to time, and I’ve also had flash backs of some crazy sh*t, when I entered some houses.. I’m opened minded, but this.. Moving objects with your mind etc… I do not believe this is possible. I wish you could prove it.


king-look up nina kulgina she performed telekinesis under extremely controlled conditions. no wires or magnets or anything were found. Nobody has figured it out to this day.


Hi, me and my mom both share a strange gift. sometimes our dreams come true. 2 years ago i was about to ask this girl out on a date, the night before i had a dream that we dated and broke up. the next morning she declined the date. this happened twice. several time throughout my life i’ve had a dream where my certain family members of my dads side of the family, had telekinesis. i had that dream again last night for the first time in 2 years. i woke up after that dream only to go back to sleep 30 minutes later. i then had a dream where i was in school and i was levitating what i perceived as a computer mouse between my hands 2 inches above the table. i beleive that my mind is trying to tell me something, can you please help me figure this out?


wow, this is very helpful. I have learned that I have a small telekinetic ability, but it only seems to happen when I don’t think about it. The first time I thought I was channeling a powerful aura into my lucky rock, and as I reached to it it moved about 1centimeter.
I am not trying to learn how to flip a car or anything like that, but I would like to push larger objects and make them go further. But I can only move things one centimeter and when I don’t think about it.

Any advice to improve my telekinesis?

Galaxy Master

Hi all,

Please remember that a healthy body = healthy mind. If you’re not eating right and yuou love the junky fast foods you have no chance of achieving TK. If you’re still using fluoride toothpaste, quit it and get some natural fluoride free toothpastes. Over time your Pineal gland will become decalcified and you will be more aware of the power of the mind. Meditation is a key factor also. Happy attempting telekinesis…. Everlasting and elevating love be unto you all. G


This may be off topic but I have moments where I can see weeks into the future and it all comes true. I’m not sure if this a gift or a curse but it happens when im in a dream state so i wonder if i can control the lives of others around me if everything i see is in the future. i have tried to move objects with my mind before as well but focusing is really that one key factor and i dont have it down just yet but i know ill get there.


What I don’t understand is that why no one who masters telekinesis etc. has proven it to people who challenge these kinds of things? (, for example) In general in science it is believed that telekinesis is not possible, why not give reasons to change this?

is telekinesis real

Gregory Daniels’ choreography is powerful, giving the cast a great workout. Describing the Spirit school of magic is somewhat difficult as it includes numerous utility and damage spells. Visualize it slowly reaching the receivers forehead and then penetrate his or her mind.

Great article Andrei, I am also interested in developing psychic abilities and in especially telekinesis. In my journey I discover that the beliefs has a major impact on developing this kind of powers. I also notice that you must have some quantum physics basics, and you really must know a lot of information about how atoms works. And what is more important is the fact that you are one with the universe and the universe is one with you, you are made from atoms like everything in this universe. When you realise this you just did a big step in your journey to unlock real psychic abilities that a humans can obtain.

Manuel L.

Hi :
I did energy transference from the Sun ( early in the morning ) with a woman friend, for the first time, I did see White Light on my eyes and she experienced almost unconsciousness.

Next time, I did pull with my hands stretched to Uniserse, visualizing a White Light ray, and I was upset without showing it to her and a strong force came between us, pushing us backwards and almost falling t the ground.

I still don’t find an answer for this experience.


It might be THETA BRAINWAVES which I produce without thinking about it.

Somebody has an answer ?


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