Teen book of shadows???

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Have you ever read-heard about this book?
It’s by Patricia Talesco.Did you like the book? I’m thinking of getting it but I’m not sure if it’s tacky.Help!

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I don’t know about the one you mentioned, but Silver Ravenwolf has a series out for teen witches all purely fiction. As does Dorthy Morrison. Truly amazing if you are truly interested. 😀 The title is simply The Craft, it is a great basic study of Georgian Wicca.
However, I feel like I should tell you that a wiccan should always write their own spells. Using another’s is possible at times, but it is always better to write your own following the Wiccan Creed. The creed can be found by searching for it on any internet search engine…also it is found at the first of Sister Morrison’s book.
Good luck to you!


I’ve read a couple of Patricia Telesco’s books but not this one. I did enjoy the books by this author that I read.
When you are reading a book, you can keep an open mind, discard what doesn’t work for you, and learn from any wisdom you find within it’s pages. You will find your greatest truth within yourself. Good luck and Blessings!

Butchavar Vlad - AAE JPA

answer: I don’t know that one. She’s a pretty decent author most of the time. Go on Amazon.com and check out reader reviews on the book.
I would say AVOID SILVER RAVENWOLF – her advice is horrible to teens, research is horrible and she can be a jerk to anyone who disagrees with her and points out she’s money hungry

Hestia's Priestess RIRS

Answer: I have not heard any reviews on the one by Telesco, but counsel you to AVOID any books by Silver Ravenwolf. Both her research and her ethics are extremely poor.


I agree with P L–Don’t do it.
If witchcraft were harmless, or just another set of beliefs–then these things wouldn’t matter. But, since the there is only God, the power that you will find in witchcraft is the devil (even if you think its not).
This message is for anyone, if your stuck with this stuff and are trapped, God can get you out.


dont know it but ignore any advice to read silver ravenwolf stay far far far far away from her books

ToriMia the Witch

Patricia does some very nice books. I also have not seen this one, I’ll have to check it out. I would like to recommed a beautiful book for teen girls I found called Teen Goddesses by Catherine Wishart. I’m 40 and I love the book. Beautiful, positive rituals, simply written. My girlfriends also really liked this book, we passed it around for a while. No insta-witch nonsense and a lot of “you are beautiful the way you are” practical advise. Add this one to your list of- check this one out.


Anything with the words “teen” and “book of shadows” together is sure to be crap.
Heres a book list of excellent books for Wiccans. The rest of the site is great as well. http://wicca.timerift.net/book_recommendations.shtml


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